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Junior high school students because mother don’t let go of the bar alarm: father abused my ex-wife Modern Express News (correspondent reporter Gu Qi Wenxuan Motomori) "my dad’s ex-wife lock me up let me eat, she hit me! Please help me!" In November 13th, Longtan police station of Qixia Public Security Bureau of Nanjing received the alarm. After the police investigation, the police was a junior high school boy. He was dissatisfied with his mother’s discipline and reported false police. After receiving the alarm, the police immediately rushed to the scene. A more than 10 year old boy with yellow hair said he had called the police, and the police realized that the man he called his father’s ex-wife was actually his biological mother. Modern Express reporter learned that the alarm Li is a junior high school students, parents divorced, followed by mother life. Xiao Li adolescent, very rebellious, often Taoke, removed from the bar all day. Alarm the night before, Li and friends in the bar play to come home late at night, the mother is very angry, and Xiao Li in the room and let him, did not think Mike has alarm. See the police, Mike’s mother gas cried: "this child naughty bear, I have no way to control him. Please help the police to educate him." Finally, in the police persuasion, Xiao Li apologized to his mother, and said that the future will go to a good lesson, do not let mother sad sad. Police warn that rebellious children have an adult feel that they can do a lot of things, hoping to attract the attention of others. But the age of the child is very immature, so parents need more communication than children, to guide them to have the correct outlook on life, values. (the characters are all pseudonym) extended video: nothing to do with the original, for his wife to return to cruel, cruel father cruel abuse of his son

初中生因亲妈不让去酒吧 报警:父亲前妻虐待我现代快报讯(通讯员 栖文轩 记者 顾元森)“我爸的前妻把我关起来不让我吃饭,她还打我!求你们救救我!”11月13日,南京栖霞公安分局龙潭派出所接到报警,警方调查后发现,报警是一名初中男生,他是不满母亲管教自己,报了假警。接到报警后,民警立即赶到现场。一个烫着黄色头发的10多岁的男孩说是他报了警,而民警了解到,被他称之为父亲前妻的人其实是他的亲生母亲。现代快报记者了解到,报警人小李是一名初中生,父母离异后跟母亲生活。小李正值青春期,十分叛逆,平时经常逃课,成天混迹酒吧。报警前一天晚上,小李和朋友在酒吧玩到深夜才回家,母亲十分生气,便将小李关在房间里让他闭门思过,没想到小李却报警了。看到民警,小李的母亲气得哭起来:“这孩子顽劣不堪,我也没办法管他了。请民警帮忙教育他吧。”最终,在民警的劝导下,小李向母亲道了歉,并表示以后会去好好上课,不让母亲伤心难过。警方提醒,叛逆期的孩子有一种自己是大人的感觉,觉得自己能做很多事情,希望能够吸引别人的注意。但这个年纪的小孩又十分不成熟,所以需要家长多于孩子进行沟通,引导其拥有正确的人生观价值观。(文中人物均系化名) 扩展视频:与原文无关 为让妻子回心转意 狠心父亲残忍虐待亲生儿子相关的主题文章:

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