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Hefei, or by the police because he saw a red light shot and killed in Xin’an downtown mad network Anhui Evening News Network ( ) news; yesterday morning, Feixi County, Mr. Zhang in the morning glory, the cow suddenly feeling out of control, gored Mr. Zhang in the downtown area after running. Mr. Zhang worried that mad wounding, regardless of the danger of cattle in Shengshuan lamppost, until the police came to the cattle killed. Mr. Zhang said, probably because of the black when crossing the road, by the double stimulation muck car tweeter and the red light was mad. Crazy black run Zhang Pai Zhen downtown operates a slaughterhouse in Feixi county. A month ago, he bought a head of cattle from Shucheng County, housed in a clearing near the town of Jinzhai road and Station Road junction. Yesterday morning, Mr. Zhang found that black cattle do not eat grass, intended to be brought to the slaughterhouse. When Mr. Zhang pulled the rope cattle, ready to cross the road in Jinzhai, the cow suddenly break, ran to the middle of the road. Because of the fear of black top injured pedestrians and vehicles, Mr. Zhang quickly catch up, hold the control rope cattle. Unexpectedly, black like crazy, gored Mr. Zhang, along Station Road South to run. Mr. Zhang limped to catch hold of the rope and the black line on the side of the road in the street bar. The police shot and killed a cow "we alarm time is about 7:50 in the morning, police said cattle mad, very dangerous." Feixi County Public Security Bureau Chengguan police station Zhang Guojun introduction, when he arrived on the scene and found the cow was tied to a station road side of the road opposite the square. It was really very dangerous, see people or cattle car pass, like crazy pull rope, moo." Due to the vicinity of the commercial plaza, people and more. In order to prevent the mad cow hurt, Zhang Guojun immediately report to their superiors, request the traffic police department to implement temporary traffic control, crowd evacuation. A few minutes later, Feixi County Public Security Bureau police brigade police rushed to the scene to carry micro. With the consent of the cattle owner Mr. Zhang, the police station on the opposite side of the road 30 meters away, a gun hit, the cow fell to the ground. Or because of the red light at the intersection of Jinzhai road and station road is the main road of the county, when the car to the car, people are also very much." Yesterday afternoon, the owner Mr. Zhang recalled the situation at that time, still feel afraid. "It was rush hour, a lot of cars, pedestrians and children on the road." See a mad bull, Mr. Zhang worried that black wounding, desperately grabbed the rope, did not expect to be black top and leg injuries of the chest. Mr. Zhang guess, black suddenly mad, because in the road, a muck car horn loud, plus the intersection lights suddenly turned red, sound and color stimulation leads to double. "I was injured and couldn’t help it, so please come and help me at 110. Fortunately did not hurt others." Mr. Zhang said. Zhang Xiuxin an evening news network reporter Anhui, editor: Wu Yuefeng相关的主题文章:

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