Linkedin Tips To Warm-up Cold Calls

Do you have 60+ invitations sitting in your Inbox to connect LinkedIn and you have no clue how to use it for your benefit? Well, good news for all sales personnel, now you can utilise LinkedIn as a sale warm up tool to build and maintain relations with your prospects. Confident and savvy sales people are already using LinkedIn as a primary source to generate new and profitable leads. LinkedIn is the worlds largest virtual professional network of more than 200 million users with a reach of more than 200 countries. Whether you want to expand your business network, attract new business, uphold your professional identity or maintain relations with your existing customers, LinkedIn is one of the best and most convenient option available. The following tips can be practiced to make LinkedIn work for you and your cold call with guaranteed results. 1. Build your network on LinkedIn Having a strong network on LinkedIn will be your competitive edge over others. These days, all prospects are directly approachable on LinkedIn without any gatekeeper. Utilise the fabulous search facility of LinkedIn to search for new and useful contacts, you can also save your search criteria and get weekly suggestions. LinkedIn is rated as the webs top rated business networking website, so start building your corporate network on LinkedIn to maximise sales. 2. Outshine with your Profile Your profile is your identity so put extra effort in preparing it just right. A business-oriented profile will help you in building and growing your customer base. Display your specialisation and experience in a professional yet compelling manner. A strategically organised business group will establish you as a leader in your field. Always deliver engaging yet relevant content on your profile 3. Join, build and involve groups Group is the most pleasing feature as it gives you all the information you need before a cold call like your prospects full name, their company insights, determine how active they are, finding out what interests them and so forth. Involve your group by posting relevant, informational and educational articles to your business group; also prepare them for your product to compliment your cold call. Initiate strategic discussions about your product/service to welcome comments and suggestions. 4. Maintain your LinkedIn profile Constantly maintain your LinkedIn profile to keep the engagement level high. Timely add your accomplishments and achievements. Keep on engaging your prospects and customers with captivating biographies. Stay active by posting polls or asking random questions to the LinkedIn community. 5. Expand your network Do not just limit your network to the initial contacts; rather keep on expanding your network on a regular basis. You could expand your network by introducing requests to potential clients. When youve made a cold call and connecting with the person youre talking to, why not ask them if theyd mind if you connected with them on LinkedIn. Doing so will help start a relationship you can grow over time. When you get clients on board, make it habit to add them to your network. Add enquiries you get from potential customers, suppliers. 6. Build your credibility Build your credibility among your prospects to strengthen the relationship with them through LinkedIn endorsements. Get endorsed by the maximum number of clients to brace your reliability in the eyes of prospects. This will help you manage your distinctive brand online and will ultimately make you a better candidate than a competitor. It will also help you rekindle with former clients after a long time. LinkedIn will not only help your establish your presence and acknowledge your existence in the business world ahead of your cold call but will also help you keep in touch with your target audience at all time. All of us share the similar opinion that we need all the help we can get to master cold calling. LinkedIn is yet another helping hand to warm up cold calls, so make the most of this new technique and enjoy successful prospecting. About the Author: Audrey Bodman is a passionate Telephone Techniques Trainer & Practitioner specialising in telesales, customer service, sales & employer engagement. Her results are second to none. Having worked all over the UK with companies ranging from SME to large corporations, her enthusiasm for achieving results has been developed over 20 years. Find her training & coaching programs here. Visit Telephone Training Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Sales 相关的主题文章:

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