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Listen to the tour he said | with your dream to travel tourism Sohu – I really don’t know how to do this show, because I am afraid to hurt you again. Please excuse this article out so late, I did not write, but write a lot of one another, but feel almost what delete rewriting, even next sentence is the end; I even name also played a lot, but finally decided to use the. To say when I remember your name, it should be on the train to Kunming, when we play cards. My poor memory, also face blindness, to name is not sensitive, but just stay in before seen this girl, often a night, a once Wujin mountain, only this. To tell the truth to Lijiang that day does not think you can insist on, because only half the way to ride the first mountain you have to die, only a ride. They say that you have less activity, and a few times on the slope, so can not, but who knows that you go to Tiger Leaping Gorge, hit everyone’s face: the arrival of the first inn, and we at the speed of 30+ run road, than you are half an hour late. At that time I thought: wow! This girl is really simple, in the day to go to Shangri-La, I was asked who will be the first high back, or who will ride today, I want to say: Hui. But you are still the first to arrive at the end of the day, there is no high, no symptoms. At that time, I really admire you. If you choose a girl to accompany me to ride the object, it must be you; if the next way let me choose a girl who may adhere to the whole process, then I will choose you. Yes, you show us the biggest and most positive changes. I just didn’t ride for you. I love Shangri-La, but I hate Shangri-La. I remember clearly that morning, was a night of rain in the morning also did not mean to stop, because the ID card is lost, so only in Shangri-La for the loss certificate, with a small fat tail as the day ride. After that we lost on the road, first met a large force, but Ji Ze bicycle brake can not be used, so only for a ride, because of my knee injury, pants cut wounds have rain, look at the situation is also very difficult to reach the Yunnan Tibet Inn, let me go with fat, I accompanied him. Then we received a phone call, about you, is the last thing you want to hear – you hurt. I asked with millet Ze clear, they say you have to sail following the people’s Hospital of Shangri-La, and the relaxation of the sail wallet is lost, we quickly contacted the chicken with he, decided to return to Shangri-La. We stopped a lot of cars, but no one stopped, and finally the villagers to help us find a car, went straight to the hospital. On the way to go, I have been thinking to see your picture, no picture has nothing to do with tears. Even the news on the phone: you’re crying. Never mind, people long love, this is a fracture, few people can walk stick, I bought some dry clothes went to you on the road, you can see the moment you are smiling. No smile, but.相关的主题文章:

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