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[love] show the canteen hungry power Sohu and love [leek oyster show] canteen hungry power leek oyster is a cool autumn days, cold day diet change is a must, half soup people feel the warmth of the best tasting seafood is just perfect, there must be no temperature, cool taste, the original pot on the table. Your gentleness, simmer until the last bite of oyster oyster to tile arrange way, not to have been stir or top pot, Toto. Each grain, cooked just right, fresh and elastic, chives and special aroma, a vast oyster is one of the most common seafood, which contains rich in protein and trace elements, eat can help supplement nutrient elements in the body is very good, with oyster to stew or into the dish can have very good taste, it can help increase people’s appetite, When the burning oyster is best to put some onion ginger, oyster can help a good place in a smell, into the winter, oyster meat on a fat, is the most fertile time in a year, you will not miss the opportunity to eat oysters chowhound. Longevity. Oyster is rich in nucleic acid and nucleic acid in protein synthesis plays an important role, so it can delay skin aging, reduce the formation of wrinkles. With the growth of age, the body’s ability to synthesize nucleic acids gradually reduced, only from food intake, people’s daily drink of milk in this area is significantly less than the seabed milk". The materials washed oyster, leek, onion, ginger is add fat fat meat, out of oil, onion ginger, leek leek in oyster spread fire boil, turn a small fire to nine mature, oyster off the fire, add pepper, salt and seasoning, the oyster has cooked相关的主题文章:

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