Mastectomy Swimwear Summertime Stylin In Kansas And

Womens-Issues We may be a month from the end of summer, but that means its time to hit the local pools and water parks in the Kansas City and St. Joe areas as much as we can possibly achieve over the next few weeks. For women who have had a partial or full mastectomy or lumpectomy, the thought of swimwear may seem daunting. And yet, with the use of some remarkable products, you can completely enjoy a carefree day at the beach, completely proud of your appearance! Amoena and T-H-E have designed a line of gorgeous mastectomy swim wear designed to make you look your best on these hot dog days of summer. The suits are designed with pockets to firmly hold breast forms and prostheses in place while you swim and take advantage of the sun, whether youve had a partial or full mastectomy. Silicone or non-silicone prostheses may be worn with the aid of the pocketed swimwear. But wont prosthetics risk damage in the elements? Not at all. Silicone-based prosthetics are made to go into the water with no damage. Non-silicone breastforms, or light prosthetic forms designed for swimwear, may be preferred by some women, as these are lighter and comfortable during periods of strenuous activity. But you will not only enjoy the appearance of these beautiful pieces, you will also enjoy the confidence and the way they make you feel. The swimwear has been designed to ease your mind completely and make you look incredible. The suits are cut high, which completely covers any surgical effects, and yet creates such a pleasing appearance. They are designed to create symmetry in the wearer. How about buying a mastectomy swimsuit online? You might be able to find them, but with the help of a qualified fitter, youll get the advantage of feeling sure of the fit you ultimately achieve with the swimwear, and the resulting comfort you feel. Its worth taking the time to consult with your local fitter on the subject, who can also guide you to the style most pleasing to the eye. Trying on swimsuits can be a daunting enough task, so you want to find the swimwear that will enhance your best features as well as conceal the features you want to conceal. The goal is being completely free of feeling self-conscious while enjoying the water to the full on these hot summer days! You can find mastectomy swimwear at our local mastectomy boutique in St. Joseph, Missouri. Second to Nature carries lines of Amoena and T.H.E. swimwear to not only fit your needs and levels of activity, but are completely stylish and sure to make you feel beautiful! Visit us at to check it out today! 🙂 About the Author: Roberta Peregrine is a Certified Fitter at Second To Nature, a mastectomy boutique located in St. Joseph, Missouri, and serving the post-mastectomy needs of women who have been treated for breast cancer in Kansas City, St. Joseph, and across northwest Missouri and northeast Kansas. Her website can be found at Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Womens-Issues 相关的主题文章:

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