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Michael Jackson personally announced that he will stage his last performance in London .e July. He carefully stressed the announcement saying that it will be his last one in London. Jackson will have 10 concerts to perform in London starting at the 02 concert arena. it is without doubt that fans are now scrambling fro tickets e specially now that it going to be the last time they have all time recording artist perform in their country. He kept journalist and fans waiting at the 02 arena only to break the news, who expected such a thing anyway? The last visit Jackson did was 12 years ago when he performed 82 shows in 58 cities for the history tour. The London show dubbed This is It will mark the first live Jackson performance more than two years now. Jackson however did not confirm of any performances in other cities, what is important right now is the fact that this will be your last chance to see Jackson perform in London. This has been a great return for Jackson however, after eight years marked with scandal rather than music. Jackson, who was in his trademark sunglasses and silver like black military-style jacket, said that his series of shows in London will be his final curtain call. Tickets are expected to start selling immediately for the respective shows amid fears and concerns that the all time recording artist might not be into it for a return to the spotlight. He has been fixed and covered by financial, medical, and legal problems for years, a major reason as to why the king of pope hasn’t performed a major concert since 2001, infact his last album was released the same year. An attempt to bring back Jackson’s career to the limelight failed following reports of ill health and court action. The grand finale however, is expected to be really big, great hits of all time for instance ‘say say say’ will rock the concerts. The ‘this is it’ will also rock the grand finale.10 concerts for the final performance from jacko. Fans find it painful but, the real truth is that many long for the live performance .e July. Jackson promised that the first of his concerts will be a two-hour of ‘all-singing and all dancing’. This will take place on the 8th of July, with tickets selling between 50 and 75 sterling pounds. The pop star said that he won’t be performing elsewhere this year; he said that the concert would be the last in London. Jackson stressed on ‘this is it’ he told the crowd, ‘this is it. I will perform on the songs that my fans want perfomed.this is the final curtain call” Jackson apparently needs the money from the performances, having fought a number of court cases, the most recent being against a sheikh who claimed to owe close to 5 million sterling pounds. He said that close to 20,000 tickets should be sold. Fans keep waiting for the grand finale show from the king of pop 相关的主题文章:

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