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Miss Candy IN the most popular color endorsement of the 2016 new listed Sohu that dazzling new year back in your old age, watching the streets are full of 90, after 00 or 10 after walking and you are the head of collagen, "aunt" aura, become good citizens, ask the guide seat, in 2016 this year, you are the Jedi of the year, in the quiet blue powder and two pandemic tide driven by color, you can finally in a flagrant way capricious Zhuangnen, O Zuma can return to a beautiful girl! Miss Candy of responsibility, must give you create a basic color by age weights, 2016 launch Angel’s Love kit, this suit has many more small Xian tender, do not you see. Angel’s Love you know l highlights can not always uphold the concept of health, Vitamin met calcium gluconate calcium gluconate and nails, to prevent a convex surface fracture, Vitamin nourishing face, let your nails look more rosy and shiny, and help the fingertip establish protection ring, prevention and drying. L refers to the first color and clever collision Dinner Bag, fashion style so easy package from the domestic top designers, instead of the paper packaging box, while Miss Candy refers to the purchase of color collocation has given you good bag, just to give you beauty beautiful styling collocation. L 2016 fashion color powder + quiet blue, it is said that this sense of noble girl interpretation of the two color beauty can save the world, looks particularly soft and literary. Pink crystal is full of convincing and gentle, conveys sympathy and calm feeling; quiet blue, steady and full of air feeling, make people feel relaxed and comfortable. Dinner Bag: the wings with powder and quiet blue color, fashion elements collide, small bag body dignified and elegant, delicate sheen unique charm, let you in dating, shopping, Party are big enough enough. The most popular color, how to dress collocation has become a crucial problem, starting from the fingertips, jewelry, not only easy to control, properly properly at the forefront of fashion, and will create a different spot. Ink dyed flowers, I read, scattered like smoke, time limit. Vivian’s charm is sometimes sweet and sometimes cold, burst out of the imagination of the fashion sense and sense of power. I have the most simple life and the most distant dream, even if very cold tomorrow, farroad crash. Peppermint always remember, sunny sunny weather will meet you by chance.         

Miss Candy代言2016最IN流行色 新品耀眼上市-搜狐   听说过年回来的你们又老了一岁,眼睁睁看着满大街都是90后、00后甚至10后行走的胶原蛋白,而你却头顶着“阿姨”光环,成为问路指南、让座好公民,好在2016年到了,今年就是你们绝地反击的一年,在粉晶和静怡蓝两大流行色的大潮驱使下,你终于可以明目张胆地任性装嫩,阿祖玛也能重返美少女!   Miss Candy当然责无旁贷,必须要给你们创造出一款减龄法码,基本2016年的流行色推出Angel’s Love套装,这套装有多仙多嫩,小编不说你们也看得到。   Angel’s Love你非知道不可的亮点      l 始终秉承健康理念,Vitamin邂逅葡糖酸钙   葡糖酸钙强韧指甲,预防甲面凹凸断裂,Vitamin滋养甲面,让你的指甲看上去更加红润有光泽,并且帮助指尖建立保护圈,预防枯黄干燥。      l 指彩与晚宴包的首次巧妙碰撞,时尚造型so easy   包装由国内顶尖设计师设计,代替了纸质包装盒,购买指彩的同时Miss Candy已经给你搭配好了包包,只为给爱美的你搭配出靓丽的造型。      l 2016年流行色粉晶+静怡蓝,诠释高贵少女感   据说这两个颜色美得可以拯救世界,看起来都格外柔和而文艺。粉水晶富含说服力又不失温柔,传达着同情和镇定的感觉;静谧蓝稳重且充斥着空气感,让人倍感放松和舒压。      晚宴包:the wings   以粉晶和静谧蓝为基色,流行时尚元素大碰撞,小巧包身庄重优雅,细致的光泽独具魅力,让你在约会、逛街、Party时都够大牌够档次。      最流行的颜色有了,如何穿衣搭配就成为了至关重要的问题,从指尖、饰品上着手,不仅轻松驾驭,妥妥地走在时尚前沿,而且会打造出不一样的亮点。   墨染   三生花,一世念,散似烟,年华限。         薇薇安   女性的魅力在于时而甜美时而冷艳,迸发出超乎想象的时髦感和力量感。         七堇年   要有最朴素的生活,与最遥远的梦想,即使明日天寒地冻,路远马亡。         薄荷糖   永远要记得,阳光充足的美好天气会和你不期而遇。         相关的主题文章:

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