More than 60 Shenzhen P2P executives visited the prison guards told not to turn back

More than 60 Shenzhen P2P executives visited the prison guards told not to look back more than 60 Shenzhen P2P executives visited the prison guards told "don’t look back" the weekly Times reporter Liu Wei from Guangdong Shenzhen on September 13th morning 9 when just over a minute, an P2P company executives to Shenzhen Futian District of Greater China exchange square, the bus had already gone to prison no, they. A few minutes later, the three executives P2P two other companies have arrived at a loss about what to do. Notice: they receive from half past eight to nine in the car, more than and 50 kilometers outside the collective to Pingshan BYD (56.680, 0.67, 1.20%) factory near Shenzhen prison visit. Shenzhen morning peak traffic has been congested, three people think that they are not late. They took turns to call the organizers, Shenzhen Internet Finance Association executive vice secretary general Cao Shiqiang of the mobile phone, the answer is that the prison must arrive on time, can not stop. Three people had to turn back. "Waiting to be scolded by the boss." One of them reluctantly complained to the weekly times reporter. Following the July this year, after the association of Shanghai Internet financial industry executives of nearly 50 P2P company to visit Shanghai Qingpu prison, Shenzhen Internet Finance Association in August 26th, issued a "notice on the Internet financial executives into the prison risk warning education activities to more than 170 members of the unit" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), for executives we visited the Shenzhen prison in September 13th. "Notice", the Shenzhen mutual Gold Association special emphasis, the member units executives must attend". Another background of the notice is August 24th, the CBRC formally issued the history of the most stringent supervision, said the network lending information intermediary business activities interim measures. Cao Shiqiang told the weekly Times reporter, the event sponsored by the mutual Gold Association, supported by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of justice and prison in Shenzhen, a total of more than 60 members to participate in the activities of executives to accept the risk warning education. Visit the prison is a kind of education practitioners of traditional financial industry preferred way, but in the Internet financial industry, had no such industry practice under the background of regulatory tightening, Shanghai, and Shenzhen continued to organize such activities, thought-provoking. The seven gate into the prison area, some "not free" atmosphere blowing. Within the walls, and executives have been come to meet the requirements the guards stood, lined up to the right, at ease, and then visit the payment card. Then, executives continue to be asked the guards "qibuzou", entered the prison visit. Although the guards for executives very polite, but wan Ying financial CEO Li shoots still feel the obvious violation, "after a long time not to be" training "". After listen to people’s feelings, then meet them, is a ubiquitous iron gate and fence, barbed wire. Lee and friends of the golden bamboo UF vice president Huang, is to visit the prison executives list. There is no freedom, no dignity in prison, is their most common feeling. "Even the toilet相关的主题文章:

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