Natural Home Remedies For Fibroids Symptoms

Womens-Issues Fibroids are a very common condition affecting many women during their fertile lives. They are usually found growing within the uterus, but are also less commonly found growing on the exterior of the uterus. Thankfully, fibroids are normally benign, although it is always recommended that a confirmation diagnosis is obtained before trying natural home remedies for fibroids symptoms. Experts find it impossible to determine the precise cause in an individual as it is believed that they form as a result of a number of primary and secondary factors which interact with a woman’s own genetics. Some of the influential factors are believed to be raised estrogen levels, lack of exercise, a poor diet, being overweight, the ingestion of toxins, insulin resistance, general hormonal imbalances and stress. Many women who have fibroids remain undiagnosed as their fibroids cause no symptoms whatsoever. However, in a small number of women, fibroids can grow large and press on internal organs causing very unpleasant symptoms such as heavy bleeding, severe pelvic discomfort, incontinence, bowel problems, lower back pain, reproductive problems and abdominal distention. Over the years, women have reported relief from some of these symptoms by using natural home remedies for fibroids symptoms. Although these might only give some temporary symptomatic relief, this can be very welcome particularly at the times of the month when your symptoms are at their worse. Heat therapy is a popular and easy home remedy. Take a deep, warm to hot bath and remain in it for around 20 minutes. The heat will help to relieve congestion, which is a common cause of discomfort. It will also help to increase circulation to the reproductive organs. You can also use microwaveable heat pads on your abdomen for the same effect. Add gentle abdominal massage after your bath to boost the beneficial effects. Other natural home remedies for fibroids symptoms include exercise, castor oil packs and dandelion tea. Moderate exercise can help to release endorphins, the body’s natural pain relievers. In addition, it can boost circulation and help to regulate the metabolism and with weight loss. Warmed castor oil packs placed on the abdomen will help with pain and some believe that the oil can penetrate the skin, helping with shrinkage. Drinking a cup of freshly brewed dandelion tea a couple of times a day is also said to help with shrinkage. These popular natural home remedies for fibroids symptoms can certainly be useful, but of course the best outcome is to shrink your fibroids completely and the natural way to achieve this is to use a multifaceted approach which addresses each and every possible cause of your fibroids. If you have the necessary motivation, then this could be the perfect long-term solution for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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