One Bedroom Flats On High Demand In India

Real-Estate Bangalore: Small homes or one bedroom apartments are catching up again in India. Earlier, there was a school of thought that one bedroom apartments are only for lower in.e group, which is no longer true. The category of buyers for 1BHK apartments has also changed over time. In todays date, the average buyers of such apartments are single professionals, newly wedded couples as well as double in.e families. Besides, in this busy lifestyle, people find small homes are easy to maintain. With the increasing property prices and uncertain job market, people are opting for one bedroom apartments to maintain the budget. Smaller homes .e under affordable price tag .pared to bigger apartments, reports Kailash Babar of Economic Times. Earlier, these same home buyers mainly focused on buying bigger apartments or luxury apartments and never looked into smaller houses because of job security and good increments. But, market scenario has been changed since then and several changes have occurred. And, now these home buyers have shifted their focus from fancy houses to small apartments keeping the rising real estate prices in mind. This one bedroom apartment segment is mainly dominated by mid-segment developers but now several prominent players are showing interest to enter in this segment. Players like Rustomjee Group, Marathon Realty Hubtown and several other developers are trying to launch apartments under this category. Although, small houses give lower margins, the demands for such houses making developers launch more projects under this option. "Margins in this segment are low, but given the high-volume play, many developers are moving back into this as a sure-fire sales proposition, with almost instant absorption if the location is right. This provides them with instant working capital," said Om Ahuja, CEO -Residential Services, Jones Lang La-Salle India, reports Economic Times. "Right now, turnover of such smaller apartments is high. Developers are also facing tight liquidity situation, therefore this is the best available solution for improving liquidity rather than depending on private financiers," said Manju Yagnik, Vice Chairperson of Nahar Group. Gradually, this one bedroom segment is making a .eback which was a big success back in 80s and 90s until the economy provided opportunities and attractive salaries. "Buyers are very cautious right now, they are buying smaller units. The mindset is similar to pre-1995 when homebuyers were not willing to stretch themselves as confidence about their in.e levels was low," said Mayur Shah, MD, Marathon Group. "Ultimately, budget plays a very important role in this decision. Realty prices have been going up for long making it unaffordable. Buyers are not sure if their salaries will rise in the same fashion as they did earlier," added Shah, on the recovery of one-bedroom units. "But now, more and more developers are launching such apartments in their city projects as young professionals and nuclear families with both earning members are willing to pay that extra to avoid long .mutes," added Yagnik. One-bedroom apartments were found in metros like Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore, but now Mumbai is also witnessing increasing number of small housing unit launches. Source:- siliconindia.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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