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Fashion-Style Kurtis are essentially Casual Wear outfits and are meant for everyday wear or for casual moments. Even though there exists a separate category of elegant and beautiful Party Wear Kurtis made of expensive silks, satins, brocades, etc, the feel or appeal of a Kurti is more casual than formal. To begin with, Kurtis were teamed with tight fitting Churidars and then came the age of Kurtis with a pair of jeans, especially boot cut jeans. Of late, Kurtis are donned with skin tight leggings which can be claimed as the Westernized version of a Churidar. The term Kurti has emerged from the word Kurta, the male counterpart of a Kurti. The Indian Kurti is known as a tunic in the West, but then again a Western Designer Tunic differs considerably from an Indian Designer Tunic . Indian outfits are famous worldwide for their vibrancy and use of bright colors; hence, the Indian Designer Tunic is all about vibrancy and vivacity. It is very rare to find an Indian Designer Tunic in a plain, sober and pale shade. On the contrary, Indian Designer Kurtis are known for their striking .bination of various colors and fabrics. The blend or .bination of multiple fabrics in eye-catching colors is a special characteristic that is found primarily in Indian Designer Kurtis. It is this unique design of Indian Kurtis that makes them truly striking and ethnic in appeal. It is also for the same reason that youngsters find Kurti very appealing as it makes quite a trendy style statement. Rather than a Kurti in a single shade or of just one kind of fabric, Kurtis featuring multiple fabrics in various shades are head turners along with being extremely versatile. Such Kurtis can be paired with various leggings or Churidars in different shades as opposed to Kurtis in single shade which presents limited scope when it .es to pairing with leggings or Churidars. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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