Psvita system source code is completely open homemade system is coming pretty rhythm

PSVita system source code is completely open system before the upcoming HENKaku (Japanese to change) homemade system author Yifan Lu has set a challenge to Hacker, he did not immediately open the source code of HENKaku, but I hope someone can decrypt the HENKaku loading principle, hope to have more Hacker to join in, if people can successfully decrypted, he will open the source code. Now the core of the HENKaku program has been decrypted two Hacker, Yifan Lu is also in accordance with the commitment to open source code, and the HENKaku was a big update. Prior to the HENKaku system specifically reserved, equivalent to a user model of the homemade system, and did not fully open to the core of the PSV permissions to the user. The update is named taiHENKaku (change), this is a completely self system, open the core competence of PSV, developers can modify and customization of PSVita system on the system level, playing a variety of patches (for example: shield PSV digital signature verification function, PSN camouflage and so on). And can freely call plug-ins at the system level (before only in a dump game called, like the PSP era as a plugin) to facilitate the use of various function plug-ins. TaiHENKaku is not just a self-made system, but also a homebrew loader frame, if there are other developers making homemade system also, can use this framework to easily load on PSVita other homemade system. Greatly extends the functionality of the PSVita. In addition Yifan Lu also mentioned that although the PSV system is not higher than 3.60 hack, but if someone found new vulnerabilities in 3.61 and 3.63, then the HENKaku framework can easily transplant the past, without rewriting. Another member of the HENKaku group, Davee, said that from 2009 to the present, they have been on the handheld device Sony hack. In 2009, he discovered the TIFF 5.03 system cache overflow vulnerability (PSP), PSP3000 followed by hack. Then to 2016 PSP permanent firmware, and then to the present HENKaku, they put a lot of time in the development. Design of PSVita system is very complex, from 2012 to 2016, the 4 years, they have been in the study of PSVita hack, all system functions currently declassified, accounted for only less than 10% of the entire PSVita system, these past development results will be in the subsequent few days out, to the later researchers to study. Davee said he was tired, need to take a good rest, will be interrupted for a long time hack research, focus on their lives and work, HENKaku group.相关的主题文章:

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