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Secret hiding electricity supplier pirated books: known as genuine but rough printing vague – a lot of people will now buy books online. According to incomplete statistics, 60% of the books are sold through the network channels, but some books from the Internet to buy back, but always make people feel a little wrong. Where is the problem? The so-called "genuine" is a vague rough printing press search tool in legal counsel: "service guide" this book, original price 52 yuan, in the Taobao online sales price is 30 yuan to 50 yuan. This shop baby described as genuine spot, but in the baby evaluation, the buyers who are different, some say, is genuine, paper is good, some say piracy, also gave a photo. The reporter linked to the store, get the reply said: is genuine, but from this shop to buy a "legal service guide", the reporter found that, in the hands of the book paper thin, interior illustrations obscure. So it is not genuine? The reporter contacted the publishers of the book. After the identification of the issuer, the reporter bought this book is actually a hiding electricity supplier pirated books. The titular "boutique bookstore" disguised "selling pirated attentive audience may have found that the sale of pirated books of the Taobao store, the name is called" boutique bookstore ", is the name, it is easy to let consumers mistakenly think it is what relevance and Prior to the purchase of a reporter is a tool book, then, the best-selling book on the network and whether it can escape the fate of piracy? The publisher told reporters that the network sale of pirated books phenomenon is very serious, especially in the best-selling book, issued to them before the "Ming Dynasty those things" as an example, piracy actually invented a large collection, and the issuer did not had a large collection. Piracy frequent business platform should bear responsibility? Almost every best-selling book, there are pirated copies of the network, Han Zhiyuan Secretary of the sentence, a little exaggeration to go up at first glance, but it is sufficient to show the extent of rampant piracy of pirated books. So, who should be responsible for this situation? Our reporter took from the Internet to buy pirated books "legal service guide", to find the author of the book, in fact, the author in the book sales after just one week, found that online sales of pirated books. Reporter linked to the "legal adviser service guide," the editor of this tool book Yue Yunsheng lawyer. He told reporters that this book is they lasted three years, four drafts, before and after a total of 50 lawyers in July 2nd this year, officially released, but in a new book released a week later, they found that the pirated versions of this book on the network. In July 28th, Yue Yunsheng in the city of Beijing Haicheng notary office for the preservation of evidence notarization procedures, notarization in the state, they buy the "legal service guide" from shop, found three sold for piracy, and these pirated books had two versions. In August 24th, they sent a letter to the rights of Taobao, asked to inform the specific information of the infringer,.相关的主题文章:

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