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On the age of the skin has natural anti aging skin care tips – Sohu BNT news cradle of the dead, but want to always maintain the appearance of youth is every woman’s dream of a lifetime. If you want to achieve effective anti-aging skin care, meticulous foundation skin care is essential. Therefore, there are more and more anti-aging products on the market for the public to choose, but too many products make the choice of products become a difficult one. Create a face of the tips, from the beginning of meticulous anti-aging skin care. The first condition? Skin moist and plump the 1. elements of our skin is moist skin ruddy complexion. Skin moisture content is too low, the skin is prone to wrinkles, lack of elasticity. In order to replenish the skin, first of all, you should drink more water at ordinary times, and improve the moisture content of the body. In addition, it is recommended to use moisturizing cream with excellent moisturizing effect to keep the skin lasting and moist. Hydrating BEST ITEM:KIEHL ‘S Ultra Facial Cream contains glacial sugar protein and desert plant extracts, and has a moisturizing effect. The use of olive, avocado and other plant essential oils on the skin irritation is small, is a suitable for any skin use of water cream. Tammy? The 2. elements of the smooth and wrinkle free skin wrinkles are most likely to reveal people’s age. Especially the corners of the eye and mouth and other parts of the wrinkles, especially the need to use eye cream, anti-aging cream, adhere to care. But it is very difficult to generate a wrinkle elimination, so in advance to apply anti wrinkle products and massage, prevent wrinkles. The prevention of wrinkles BEST ITEM: Dior Capture XP Ultimate Wrinkle Correction Eye Cream combined with stem cell recovery technology is a special anti-aging product for the eye. Hyaluronic acid complex Hyalu-Stem Complex can dilute wrinkles, so that the skin aging and loose and dull eye skin to restore bright white. 3. firming skin factor? Our ampoule is a high concentration of skin care products. Rich in fermentation ingredients can effectively improve skin energy, according to the different components can be divided into whitening, moisturizing, nutrition ampoule, can choose the corresponding products according to their own needs of the skin. GD-11 PREMIUM AMPOULE CREAM, this product contains ingredients of a bottle of ampoules, from stem cells in nutrient solution as raw materials, can effectively inhibit skin aging skin regeneration. In addition, its remarkable anti-aging effect can keep the elasticity of skin and reduce wrinkles. At the same time, it has many functions, such as shining skin, providing nutrition and so on, to help create youthful skin full of vitality. Tammy? 4. elements of bright white luster to the skin with the growth of age, the color will gradually dim. If you want to brighten your complexion, you should use skin care products containing whitening ingredients. In addition, horny accumulation will darken the skin color, hinder the absorption of whitening ingredients, so it is recommended to remove horny regularly. Whitening BEST ITEM: SK-ll Facial Treatment Essence containing 90s

抓住肌肤的年龄 抗老化护肤有诀窍-搜狐      bnt新闻讯 生老病死人之常情,但想永葆青春容颜又是每个女性的毕生梦想。   若想达到有效的抗老化护肤,细致的基础护肤必不可少。因此市面上也有越来越多的抗老化产品供大众选择,但过多的产品又令产品的选择成为了难事一桩。   打造童颜的秘诀,从细致的抗衰老护肤开始。   ? 童颜要素1.水润饱满的肌肤      童颜皮肤的首要条件就是水润肌肤。皮肤的水分含量过低的话皮肤容易产生皱纹,缺乏弹力。为了给肌肤补水,首先要在平时多饮水,提高体内的水分含量,此外,建议使用保湿效果出众的补水面霜保持肌肤持久润泽。   补水BEST ITEM:KIEHL’S Ultra Facial Cream含有冰河糖蛋白质和沙漠植物提取物,保湿效果出众。使用的橄榄、鳄梨等植物性精油对皮肤刺激性小,是一款适合任何肤质使用的补水面霜。   ? 童颜要素2.平滑无皱肌肤      皱纹最容易显露人的年纪。特别是眼角和嘴角等部位的皱纹尤其需要使用眼霜、抗衰老面霜坚持进行护理。皱纹一但生成便很难消除,因此要提前涂抹去皱产品并配合按摩,预防皱纹产生。   预防皱纹BEST ITEM: Dior Capture XP Ultimate Wrinkle Correction Eye Cream结合了干细胞复原技术,是眼部专用抗衰老产品。透明质酸复合体Hyalu-Stem Complex可淡化皱纹,使因皮肤老化而松弛暗淡的眼部肌肤恢复亮白。   ? 童颜要素3.弹力紧致肌肤      安瓶是一种高浓缩形态的护肤品。富含发酵成分可有效提升肌肤能量,根据成分的不同可分为美白、保湿、营养安瓶,可根据自身肌肤的需求选择相应的产品。   GD-11 PREMIUM AMPOULE CREAM,该产品蕴含一整瓶的安瓶成分,由干细胞营养液为原料制成,可有效使肌肤再生,抑制肌肤老化。另外,其显著的抗衰老功效可保持肌肤弹性,减少皱纹。同时拥有亮泽肌肤、供给营养等多重功效,助打造充满生机的年轻肌肤。   ? 童颜要素4.亮白光彩肌肤      随着年纪的增长,肤色会逐渐暗淡。想要提亮肤色,就要使用含有美白成分的护肤品。此外,角质堆积会暗化肤色,阻碍美白成分吸收,因此建议定期祛除角质。   美白BEST ITEM: SK-ll Facial Treatment Essence含有90%通过研究350种酵母后诞生的Pitera成分,质感柔和,可被皮肤快速吸收,对肤色改善有明显效果。郑有珍 郑文兰 文 GD-11,KIEHL’S,Dior,SK-ll,bnt新闻DB   bnt新闻投稿邮箱 news@bntnews相关的主题文章:

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