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The Three Gorges group, the national grid bid for Brazil’s fourth largest energy company]Santo Antonio Energia SA abstract in the Amazon River tributary of the Madeira River Hydropower Station on the total investment of about 32 billion 954 million yuan, the current installed capacity of about 3150.43 mw. China’s central enterprises in the international energy strategy under the guidance of, or continue to water resources in Brazil after China’s overseas mergers and acquisitions. The evening of September 1st, Bloomberg News reported citing informed sources said, the world’s largest hydropower development enterprises, China largest clean energy companies – China Three Gorges Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the Three Gorges group), and the world’s largest Power Grid Corp, Chinese national Power Grid Corp (hereinafter referred to as the national grid) intends to bid for Brazil’s fourth largest energy company Santo Antonio Energia SA equity. The source also said that removing Chinese two energy central enterprises, famous Canadian Asset Management Co, Brookfield A et Management Inc (Brookfield Asset Management Inc.) Santo Antonio Energia also submitted the acquisition of equity for SA. According to Santo Antonio SA official website information, the company is the fourth largest energy company in Brazil, the main business includes power generation and transmission and distribution, etc.. The tributaries of the Madeira River in the Amazon River Hydropower Station on the Brazil total investment amounting to 16 billion reais (about 32 billion 954 million yuan), the current installed capacity of about 3150.43 mw. In November 2016, after the completion of the operation of all 50 turbine generator sets, the company’s total installed capacity of hydropower will rise to 3568 MW, will be able to meet the electricity needs of 45 million people. Santo Energia SA company in June this year, has said that the company learned from some shareholders, they plan to sell their own company held Santo Antonio Energia SA shares. According to the Santo Antonio Energia SA official website information, four shareholders including Brazil Gerais government controlled Brazil energy field is one of the largest commercial group, CEMIG group, Odebrecht Energia Brazil, a renewable energy company public utility company SAAG Investiments and Amazon sub energy investment fund, Santo Antonio Energia SA together hold 61% of the shares of the company. People familiar with the requirements of anonymity told Bloomberg that the deal can get in Brazil up to 10 billion reais (about 20 billion 575 million yuan), but the specific amount will be decided by the shareholders, the first round of bidding will be at the end of the week. "Brazil’s recession and recent drought may affect bidders’ bid for Brazil hydropower assets." One insider told bloomberg. In recent years, Brazil companies are constantly looking for acquirers to help them cross.相关的主题文章:

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