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Silicon Valley venture God how to counter attack pulpy – Sohu technology life? Perhaps you read this book "difficult", but you still remember the subtitle of the book? How to accomplish things that are more difficult than difficulties? The Hard Thing about Hard before Things please read the "start" business regardless of who it is, entrepreneurship is a chore, even a dream into a nightmare journey, the success of the serial entrepreneur is scanty, even outstanding as Jobs, after leaving Apple founder of NeXT computer company is dismal. The NeXT era of Jobs but in Silicon Valley, but there have been such a figure, he continuously founded three companies, each city value in billions of dollars; he leaned on hold Facebook, Twitter and Apple’s shares earned 1 billion 500 million dollars; his son-in-law, is the founder of YouTube. He was known as the "God of Silicon Valley entrepreneurship", his name is Jim · (Jim Clark). 34 years ago, he did nothing, nothing. The 70 year old Clark and his 35 year old wife, child dog! Shit life in 1944, Jim · Clark was born in Texas, his father was an alcoholic, without a stable job, often after drinking to family violence. When Clark was 14 years old, his mother was finally unable to endure domestic violence and choose divorce. Growing up in such a family environment, Clark is doomed to be a rebellious teenager. In the school, truancy is still on the bus even homely food, he detonated bombs soil homemade, attracting countless students to watch his "invention". This matter thoroughly angered the school, Clark was expelled from school, only 17 years old, dropped out of school at home. In the end, the idle Clark chose to join the army to serve as a Navy soldier. In the army waiting for Clark, only the worst boring life, after many years, Clark summed up his early years: I feel that the whole world is shit, and I was sitting in the center of this piece of shit. I the whole was shit and I was in the middle it. shit general life so that Clark realized that can not count on anyone, only to rely on their own to change the fate of the people of,, of sitting! So he started to make efforts, self completed all high school courses in the army, and finally in 1970 passed the master’s degree of bachelor, Lewis Indiana State university. On 1974, Clark passed the computer doctorate, Utah State University after graduation, Clark worked at the school, became a professor at the University of. The Utah State University]相关的主题文章:

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