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Software Testing: The Whole New World Of Opportunities For Testers Posted By: Boniface Testing methodologies are as old as the IT industry. In the earlier days, the developers themselves were testing their developed solutions and software on their own. As the technology started evolving and growing, the world of testing started evolving on a better pace. Almost for a decade the testing and quality assurance department has come into the existence. The evolution and inventions in the IT industry and technology have emerged the whole new world for testing. In incredibly short period of time the testing industry has changed. There are so many new devices got introduced such as wearable, Smartphone, tablets and more? Moreover, each device might have different working model and methodology as well as the operating system. For instance, the Smartphone can have operating system such as android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, etc. These invented different testing approaches for ensuring the quality. The embedded testing is one of the testing models introduced for testing of the mobile devices. The web world is embraced with so many different web development and design technologies such as .Net, PHP, Node.Js, Bootstrap, Joomla, Drupal, etc. All these technologies offer different types of functionalities and introduce different functions, features and coding approaches.

software quality assurance Transform Your Business With Quality Assurance Testing Services Posted By: Sumit Srivastava In the rapidly growing business market, the competitiveness requires error free work. Even while taking risks, the industry and customer expect complete perfection. The time frames and budgets tend to remain tight as ever, and exert extra pressure on the industry. Thank for the developing softwares like Quality Assurance and Testing Services (QATS) which are helpful in reducing time and efforts involved in testing, which help in business application testing and also quality assurance testing. Quality Assurance and Testing Services (QATS) are greatly helpful to businesses across the globe by taking care of things like, software quality assurance testing, business application testing, testing centres of excellence, and many more. The question arises how these Quality Assurance do and Testing Services (QATS) help in offering such great deal of help. Quality Assurance and Testing Services (QATS) help in detecting and thus preventing defects before they can happen. The proactive early defect detection framework approach helps lowering the maintenance costs and also decreases the chances of failure in delivering timely customer service. Henceforth, any kind of customer dissatisfaction is prevented by the software. They help with things like Functionality testing;

business application testing What Are Software Quality Assurance Basic Concepts Posted By: andymoore212 A process goes through several phases and life steps when it is developed. A process keeps evolving over time. To perform quality checks, a process needs to evolve to such a level that it is capable of initiating such checks. The product then keeps evolving such that improvements can be added at each stage and finally the end result is satisfactory and conforms very well to the requirement specifications. It is highly important that the developer as well as the testing team has complete knowledge about the software quality assurance basic concepts in a way that they can implement all necessary steps to perfection. Such developmental processes should also involve the management team such that they understand all the aspects as well as gain information about the importance that quality tests hold. Testing should be performed by experienced and skilled professionals so that there are no chances of a mistake or carelessness. A well organized testing process comprises of a proper requirement specification that leads to the formation of accurate test plans and test cases. This way the level of quality expected can be thoroughly maintained.

software quality assurance Posted By: andymoore212 For a just developed product to be successful amongst its users, it has to go through a reliable and supreme evaluation process. Every development strategy has certain standards and procedures which need to be followed when it is being designed. The assurance test works towards satisfying and checking whether the basic format and layout has been followed or not during each development phase. One should have complete knowledge about software quality assurance basic concepts. This kind of test comprises of various individual activities. First and foremost involves the development of a proper plan. This highlights the quality aspects that the software needs to match up to. In case modifications are required in any part of the developmental process, then the creation of checkpoints can be helpful such that changes can be accomplished. The software product designer needs to deploy techniques such that the product development is as per the stated needs. Therefore, it is the duty of the designer to gather and understand the requirement specifications of a product before beginning with its designing.

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Software Testing Course How Is Software Testing Evolving Posted By: Ken Miller These days, software development no longer is what it was years ago. At one time, there were just one or two platforms to think about for building software applications. Additionally, code release and also new versions previously come-out once in a year or two and so was the Testing process. However nowadays, there are a number of operating systems both in mobile as well as in desktop. Among software organizations, such as IT organizations, e-commerce organizations, online trading companies and so on. Mishaps related to software do occurs. Such inaccurate steps are often unavoidable as each work needs fine detailing and certain people might make errors sooner or later. These types of errors in size could be little or big, which is, the functioning about the company might or might not be impacted. The necessary preventive steps should be taken in order to eradicate the threat which comes with such errors. The steps of risk reduction are usually expensive, however the companies have realized that the costs of risk reduction is actually smaller as compared to problem AND amp; the loss they pull in after the software is inoperative because of the error done.

software application testing Role Of Qa Contractors In Software Development Life Cycle Posted By: marty ron Quality assurance has been around for many years but people came to know about its importance recently. It has evolved a lot since then and it is starting to become a huge boon for large and small industries who are into designing and development of software. The main objective behind implementing quality assurance is to monitor regularly the whole software development life cycle to ensure the quality is maintained throughout the process. It does not only keep track of the process but also of the software development. This helps the management to get feedback on how everything is going and it also ideas on how they can enhance their plans and procedures. To be precise, quality assurance elevates the level of product quality. The whole idea behind quality assurance is to find and eliminate the imperfections throughout the life cycle either it is the starting point or the process is still going on, the quicker it finds the problem and easier to rectify it before any damage is done.

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Software Design Course Things To Keep In Mind While Hiring A Company For Software Test Automation Posted By: andymoore212 Testing is an important part of the development of any software and there are several agencies today that provide great automation services that work perfectly to give you the end product you desire. One such company is Maveric and through their product the Maveric Assurehawk they automate a range of services and significantly reduce the time required for any software to get launched. These originally developed products can put your project on the fast track and ensure that it delivers in the real world. These automated tests do several checks and make the software go through many tests to ensure that the final product is solid and can withstand anything. Experts in this area develop these automated tests that are regularly updated according to current industry standards. The benefits of getting software test automation done are several and range from detecting bugs and errors, reducing the expenses of the process, early verification, improved productivity among others. That this process is indispensible is obvious, but there are certain considerations that you should keep in mind while performing test automation on your software. One of the most important of these considerations is the cost.

Maveric Assurehawk Is Professional Software Testing Gaining Momentum? Posted By: Ken Miller The software industry’s trends keep on changing on a daily basis and with that, trends related to testing change as well. There was a time when software testing did not have much prominence; some evaluation was manually carried out while the rest of the testing was outsourced. But gradually, people are waking up to the importance of software testing and as a result, this has become a professional career for many. New testing paths opened up with trends such as SOA or Service Oriented Architectures, Web-based applications, Wireless Technologies, SaaS or Software as a Service, Mobile Technologies along with an increased emphasis on robustness, re-use, reliability and repeatability. Everywhere, evaluation strategies are being changed so that the trends can be accommodated, making the sphere more and more professional. The changes are being implemented for efficient as well as effective application development for quality systems. In fact, for that, huge amount of emphasis is being placed on improvement of Analysis as well as Design phases so that the early evaluation in the areas can be ensured.

qa testing services Quality Assurance Is A Process, Not A Department Posted By: Ken Miller In the software industry, the terms testing and quality assurance (QA) are used interchangeably. Many organizations even deploy a team of dedicated testers, and name it QA department. While considering software QA as a separate process, most organizations undervalue its significance as a significant and ongoing process. In nutshell, software quality assurance can be defined as the methods used to ensure quality by monitoring different software engineering processes constantly. However, the methods of QA can vary according to the nature and requirement of the software development approach. Along with adopting ISO 9000 standards, an organization can further ensure quality by adopting CMMI model. But each organization must consider QA as an integral part of the overall software development process, instead of isolating it as a distinct department. Why Organizations Must Consider Quality Assurance as a Key Process? 1. Easy to Adopt Agile Processes: A constant increase is noted in the number of organizations adopting Agile methods to iterate software development projects. Along with making it easier to incorporate changed during different stages of development, the methodology further emphasizes on delivering high quality.

software regression testing Maveric Systems – All Software Related Solutions Under One Roof Posted By: jenniffer ros One must take note of and enjoy the final and finished product of an electronic which is presentable and amazing to use. But, to make such products requires a lot of software, hardware and technical problems which the engineers go through in order to reach the final product of any given idea. Software quality assurance is one such attribute which basically covers the entire software development process. This attribute is a lengthy and rigorous process which covers a range of software related issues dealing with any electronic or operating system. Many engineers and workers get together in order to make such a lengthy process successful. Many companies are outsourced by big organizations to handle such systems like Maveric Systems. This organization is a widespread company which deals in mainly three sectors that is banking, insurance and telecom. They also undertake I.T. lifecycle assurance and application management system services. This company has developed various tools and systems pertaining to the I.T. industry. This diverse company is also a major player in the concept of software development. They have various partners, services and products lined up to be offered to consumers, mainly other potential companies.

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Maveric Systems Independent Software Testing And Qa At Cigniti Posted By: Leonard Barrett Formidable allies – Quality Assurance and Independent Software Testing At a time when some of the leading financial institutions and enterprises have encountered losses and interruptions due to glitches, stakeholders and governments alike are insisting on accountability on part of service providers. Stringent Software Testing and high standards of Quality Assurance have risen to the top of priority lists. Independent assessments are being preferred for the benefit of an unbiased approach in order to achieve compliance to global industry standards and technology protocols. Moreover, the rise of Big Data, enterprise mobility and social models is reshaping the connections among the components of the IT landscape. Empower innovation with Independent Software Testing perspective Innovation thrives on the scalability and scope of the testing capabilities. Test frameworks need to be faster, deeper and more complex to offer comprehensive assessments to refine the product/application. Since in-house test departments share proximity to the production environment, it is bound to affect the testing approach. Moreover, test infrastructure needs to be replaced/revamped and reconfigured with assimilation of new skillsets according to the requirements. Since requirements keep evolving and outrunning existing technologies, it would be bad business sense to invest in test infrastructure and resources.

Testing Cigniti Software Testing: Building Quality Software Posted By: Leonard Barrett Quality encapsulates the intrinsic components of the software as well as the wider areas and external interfaces that connect the operations to the ecosystem. The emerging changes in the IT landscape are visible in three key areas: Technology, deployment and usage. Technology and deployment strategies are designed to meet the demands of the nature and scope of usage. To achieve and maintain Quality in the presence of a wide spectrum of devices and an even wider spectrum of users, enterprises are compelled to ensure smooth access and seamless transactions. In addition, the increasing adoption of mobile devices has ushered in the next wave of IT which also marks the rise of enterprise mobility. Likewise, the existing subscription to social media networks has evolved into a virtual network with a population that is assumed to have convenient access to internet. These two trends present challenges and opportunities to start ups and major corporations alike. Achieving quality and maintaining it in such a complex environment is a challenging job because it demands collaboration across different technologies, exposure to new frontiers and integration of emerging scenarios. But the essence and philosophy of quality remains the same.

Independent software testing Degree Programs With College Perks Posted By: Jason Most often, we associate degree programs with university-level study. However, at Centennial College, students can attend degree programs that result in bachelor degrees with the benefits of a college style approach to learning. Centennial College’s four-year degree programs offer practical skills to secure the job and the theoretical background and extensive subject knowledge employers are looking for. These degree programs either see students spend all of their time on the college’s campuses or split their time between Centennial and a university partner. Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences – Computer and Communication Networks: Networking professionals are in demand and this degree program was designed to meet that need. As such, students can specialize in network security or wireless systems, and master topics among which are computer network fundamentals, website design and development, LAN switching and routing, marketing of services, database design and modeling, database driven web applications, wireless networks and more. Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences – Software Systems Design: The only of its kind in the province, this degree program trains students for careers as software developers, software engineers, systems analysts, business analysts, Web application developers, IT project managers and computer programmers/analysts.

degree programs Manual Testers Are From Mars, Automation Engineers Are From Venus Posted By: Ken Miller The basic difference between manual testing and automated testing is that the former requires a person, whereas the latter requires a button. Many reports have also highlighted how an enterprise can avail several benefits by automating its software testing process. But many enterprises still deploy manual testers because they consider testing automation both complex and expensive. Also, many companies still believe that it is the price of manual testing is lower than software development cost. However, each company wants to choose the best testing options to impress users by delivering a flawless product. So each company must understand the key differences between manual testing and automated testing to take the right decision. Key Points of Distinction between Manual and Automation Testing 1. Required Time: Many companies find manual testing to be both tedious and time-consuming. As human resources are deployed to execute the test cases, it takes more time to complete the testing process. On the other hand, the automation testing can be done using a set of tools and frameworks. As no human effort is required, these tools can customize the testing process, and execute test cases at a much faster pace. 2.

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