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South beauty tea trees Jingmai autumn tea: high Xiangjin Yang, and the distant Charm – Sohu in 2016 Jingmai Hill 500 years old autumn tea. The raw materials and the South Ming beauty 016 years "Jingmai Hill 500 years of ancient tea picking" from the same piece of ancient tea; it has 80% spring tea quality, the price is only 1/3 of the spring; it leaves after sweet soup slightly astringent, sweet or long lasting, spearmint quiet, mushroom refreshing, throat rhyme cool. The special tea tasting and sharing are as follows: product information: Name: famous Qi Yun · ancient mountain Jingmai autumn tea year: 2016: South beauty brand tea Pu’er tea process: specification: 357 grams / cake origin: Puer · Jing maishan shelf life: meet the long-term storage conditions of storage conditions: clean ventilated and dry, avoid light, no pollution, no odor conditions consult buy micro number: (long press copy) time: November 4, 2016 cloudy dry tea tasting: Bread round, Zhou Zheng, cable, Fengxiu, very clear Miao silver tea without fullness. Tea: 7 Kernan (public No. ID:nmjrtea) Ming beauty 2016 "Jingmai Hill 500 years old autumn tea" into 175 ml of milk. Wash tea: 90 degrees water temperature that is out of the tea once. Dry tea: tea fragrance pure fragrant orchid fragrance; hanging cup initial Qingyang, turn to the fragrant honey. Tasting: first – 2: global tea yellow, clear, sweet and felt a entrance high sweetness, tea was carrying wrapped in soup, two perfect fusion. Swallow, back to Gan Sheng Jin appeared. Third – 4: Global soup color deepened, bright yellow white. The tea is soft and smooth entrance slightly astringent, the number of seconds or like a brook in the mouth gently winding. Tea with tea scattered, lips full of incense. Fifth – 6: Global soup orchid quiet, thick soup. Savor the sweet tea with quiet orchid, along the throat, the aroma is gratifying. Oral fluid soft lip, durable. Seventh – 8 bubble: an entrance, sweet as wild honey. Drink a swallow, with nasal breathing, fresh mushroom from far and near with breathing, breathing in tea gushing. Throat in a cool feeling from the bottom to the top, gradually deepening. Cool feeling with tea, comfortable and contented. Ninth – 10: bubble tea is still strong, plumpness decreased slightly. The soup sugar sweet rhyme highlights, fragrant and sweet fusion. In the mouth stretching back to Gan Sheng jin. South Ming (2016). "Jingmai Hill 500 years old" autumn tea picking, Jingmai mountain ancient tea garden in the age of 500 years and above the fresh tea leaves as raw material, made of the traditional manual process, and then to eighteen hand pleated white tissue packaged tea. The 500 year old ancient tea trees, less human interference, good growth, the quality of tea is rich, and the tail water can brew bubble around 15. After brewing tea is thick and full of the good, can now drink a tea, high product qinglianghou rhyme, can also be stored properly after the discovery of rich changes in its time. Chuncha listed earlier, sweet taste Chun full, the price is high; although the autumn tea in the tea plumpness less tea相关的主题文章:

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