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| So you like the life on the first track and drive a sports car! Then you must be aware of the basic features of the sports tires. Sports tires are the ultra-high-performance tire specially designed for the owners of sports compact vehicles. These tires display a state of the art tread design and ensure the most efficient performance of your sports vehicle. The sports tires typically have the lower profile, larger diameter, wider treads and stiffer sidewalls. The sports cars are driven in much higher speed than any ordinary cars and the sports tires see to it you can maintain the balance at the time of driving. Thus sports tires are all about better handling and higher stability. The sports tires of all leading brands come with a great look too and that enhances the overall look of your smart sports car even more. Generally you can divide the sports tires in three main categories: Performance, High-Performance and Ultra High-Performance. They are graded according to their speed bearing capacities and the speed ratings typically range from H (up to 130 MPH) to Z (up to 149 MPH). If you are a professional sports car driver you may look for more advanced quality sports tires. Look for such sports tires which have directional track design feature. The sidewalls of good quality sports tires are meant to be serrated for better and high performance gripping. They should also be capable of handling all weather conditions. Most high quality sports tires are available in 16- and 17-inch wheel diameters. Most of them also feature M+S rating. Many sports cars, especially the luxury and sport-utility vehicles come with unidirectional tires. Unidirectional tires have special tread patterns. These special patterns are meant to act in the direction specified on the tire sidewall only. They are meant to rotate on a front to rear direction. This rotational movement is founded on the assumption that they are of same size. As such, the direction of revolution does not change. In a nutshell, the sports tires provide strength to your sports car that is fabulous. Only the sports tires ensure that you get the maximum comfort even if you drive at the highest speed. They also ensure a smooth ride and a consistent footprint by helping to maintain optimal tread contact while driving at high speed. Thus the drivers remain confident and safe even if the speedometer keeps on rising. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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