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Computers-and-Technology Error codes are used to identify the defects in software application, or hardware or faulty user inputs in a programming languages that generally lack proper exception handling. However, they can be used with exception handling too. Sometimes errors codes are confused with return codes since both are used together in error handling. There can be different types of error codes. But one of the most common error codes that is visible to the users and is provided by the Microsoft OS is blue skin of death. Sometimes you also experience problems like System32 and L sass.exe errors and stop errors on your computer. When these type of errors pops up in the middle of the work you feel irritated and sometimes even think of replacing your computer. Computer support experts suggest that if your computer is an old one you can think of replacing it but if your system is just for a few years may be replacing it wont be worth your money. But age is not the only problem for your computer. Your computer has gone old so it is used and tired this notion does not hold much water. Sluggish and low performance of your PC is sometimes your own creation. If you are wondering how the answer is that if you download and install loads of programs on your computer you never use can make your computer performance down. However, you should not delete files like anything, suggest the tech support experts. Deleting the files haphazardly can be the root cause for many computer disasters. Deleting files in an unorganized way creates lots of registry keys, orphan files and device drivers. Wrong registry entries can cause many serious computer issues including the blue skin. Tech support technicians suggest that you can reinstall Windows for ensuring a better computer performance but reinstalling it is not hassle free because you will have to reinstall all the updates and programs once again. The only alternative answer is the regular and timely maintenance of the computer. At first, maintaining your computer can seem disturbing to you but once you are used to it, it is a much better option than the frequent computer crash or blue screen error codes. So if you are ready to follow the computer help tips for ensuring error codes computer here are the basics for you. At the very first you will have to ensure that you wont install any programs that you dont use. A better option would be to go to the programs and see the programs that you have used in the last few months. Surely you will find loads of programs that you dont use at all and actually you have completely forgotten that these are installed on your system. Once you have found such programs you will need to remove these from your system properly. Make sure that you are uninstalling these programs completely otherwise the problem on your system will persist. You need to delete them by going to Remove Program utility. Delete any files or folders that you dont use anymore. You can also defrag your hard drive and clean up the disk on regular basis. Check and detect unnecessary programs that are running on the background. Install, run and update your ant-virus software after a certain period. These are the required computer support tips that you can follow to stop error codes on your system. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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