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Learnpact Training Academy is one of India’s Finest & globally Awarded Training .panies. Learnpact was started in 2009 with the help of Allied Biztech Solutions Pvt Ltd(ABTS)which is a Chennai based ISO 9001:2008 certified .pany. Learnpact is leading among training .panies in India for PHP training, web designing training, SEO training, digital marketing training, .net training, CMS training, programming framework training and corporate training. Learnpact successfully conducted large scale On-site and Off-site Executive training & corporate training for Government Bodies, MNCs and SMBs across India. Why PHP? PHP is an open source scripting language so it has the power to control your software code as well as you can view the code anywhere at any time. PHP is easy to learn and understand .pare to other languages. PHP is available on 98% of the Web hosting servers in the world. It runs some of the biggest websites on the Internet including Facebook..! PHP also serves as the platform for most CMS platforms, such as WordPress, Joomla & Drupal even Magento. The .bination of PHP and MYSQL provide you a powerful platform for building database-driven Web applications. Learnpact believes the .bination of PHP and MYSQL is perfect for building data-driven Web sites in less time and cost. So together of these two technologies can offer you bright career. What are the Benefits of PHP training? Today in open source PHP programmer and developer are in high demand for building data-driven Web sites. According to a survey in India 90 % of web hosting .panies are using PHP. The amount of website on internet is increasing each day and fastest growing internet market in the world. That is a clear indication of the demand and future growth of this field. It makes more and more IT .panies to hire PHP developers with some knowledge and experience. Freshers are also in demand but some of the .panies are not interested to spend time and money to provide training to new.ers so this might act as a barrier. So training plays vital role to enhance their career. Thus Learnpact Training Academy is highly re.mended that these professionals get some PHP training that will give them practical knowledge to handle projects and also helps to make them with good technical or IT opportunities. PHP Training Course Contents: The PHP training course contents generally include: Advanced object orientation and design pattern XML, JavaScript and Ajax Advanced regular expression Email management and manipulation Encryption Performance and caching Advanced database manipulation Templating system and multilingual development PHP security and counter measurements Live project in PHP/AJAX using database. Why Learnpact Training Academy? Learnpact is globally recognized training institute and awarded as one of 25 best e-learning .panies in the world. Have 8+ years experienced PHP trainers or faculties. Provides 24/7 service and life time enrolment. PHP certificate from Zend includes PHP 5.3 Certification and Zend Framework Certification is added value. Conducting classroom and corporate training in Chennai and Bangalore and available online training for USA/ European students. Reasonable fees structure and discounts available. Successfully trained and placed more than 400+ students for PHP alone since 2009. Start you great career not only by choosing course but also should choose right place to learn PHP training with affordable cost and make sure the institute have excellent profile history. Learnpact offers classroom PHP training and provides Career coaching on emerging technologies to freshers and professionals who are looking to enhances their career. For more details visit PHP training institute in chennai . 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