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Arts-and-Entertainment "If you want to be a bank connecting Africa to the world and the world to Africa you need to be in India," says Rob Leith, who runs the investment bank at Standard Bank. Standard Bank does cross-border business with India. It wants a licence in India, so it can start investment banking and trade finance there. Establishing a big presence there quickly would be problematic, however, because of controls of foreign ownership in the banking sector. This is a recurring problem that Standard Bank faces while trying to grow in emerging markets, and it is one of the reasons why it has tended to build alliances with local partners. links of london bracelets Even where regulatory or political restrictions are less onerous — in some Latin American countries for example — there is plenty of competition to contend with. "Everyone knows just how strong the big Brazilian banks are. We don’t see any medium-term opportunities to buy anything in Brazil," says Jacko Maree, Standard Bank’s group chief executive. Nevertheless, Standard has a growing corporate and investment banking capability for the Americas, based in Sao Paulo. Earlier this year it hired Eduardo Centola, former co-head of Latin America at Goldman Sachs, to head its Sao Paulo office. "In Latin America, we’ve used the crisis as an opportunity to hire people," says Maree. valentine’s Day gifts on sale  It might have taken many more decades to build organically a Russian business as important as Troika Dialog. But for $200 million, Standard Bank has gained just a 33% stake in Troika Dialog and it has had to merge its own five-year-old Russian unit into Troika Dialog too. "If we could have negotiated a higher stake we would have," says Maree. However, he adds: "The advantage of having good local knowledge in some of these countries is more important than the convenience of owning 100%." links of london bangles Standard Bank can assist its Russian partner by allowing it better balance-sheet access. Troika Dialog will also benefit from Standard Bank’s trading capabilities in Russia in currencies, interest rates and fixed income. And a link to a firm that is as strong in equity as Troika Dialog could be extremely beneficial for Standard Bank, which, outside Africa, is often regarded as being primarily a player in the debt capital markets. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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