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Vacation-Rentals The world of hassled life and thorough professionalism today is constantly pressuring the mind for a break-away, at least for a while. And there is indeed nothing wrong about it! And if you are game for an exotic location tainted with tropical beauty, the Maldives is the apt location for you! The overriding hues and shades of blue, sea green and white are the mlange of the islands that get you mesmerized! Crystal clear heaven blue water hues stand for the sanctity of the Maldives and the government of Maldives has taken immense measures to take care, maintain and keep their abode clean and all-alluring. Freshness and uniqueness scream out for themselves. A world beyond the imagination is the world of the Maldives. Putting oneself up in Maldives- Constance Halaveli Maldives Resort The realm of these ecstatic coral isles do not confine themselves only to the turquoise cool waters and the palm bakes islands; the economy of the Maldives has remarkably shot up in the recent years. And the major chunk of contribution .es from the countless splendid resorts and hotels. With about 5 six-star hotels and innumerous five-star resorts, the tourists are well taken care of. It is well known to all that about 200 islands are yet uninhabited; fortunately about 44 of them have been festooned with resort islands. And one among these striking island resorts is the Resort Constance Halaveli Maldives. Heaven can be portrayed as a tranquil place or shape of mind; and thus this fresh five star luxury addition to the Constance group exactly knows how to transport you there! The resort is located in the atoll of the North Ari and is marvelously surrounded by blue cool lagoons, lush greenery and pale white sands. An unwinding of the soul can be best manifested at this resort. The Constance Halaveli Maldives Resort is the ultimate luxury ac.modation one could arrange in the Maldives; ornamented with contemporary and modern stylish interiors, multiple options of stay are rendered. When at the beach, one surely adores the beach and so about 20 beach villas and 8 double storied beach villas are the primeval options to look out for. If freshness is what you desire, the 57 water villas are then specifically made for you; they offer you a private plunge-in pool and are stretch off-shore with their legs being tickled on the beds of the Indian Oceanic. Exploring the Constance Halaveli Resort even further Maldives has always carried the specialty to cater the most delicious sea foods ever. The Resort Constance Halaveli Maldives renders 3 restaurants that provide a wide gourmet assortment of tantalizing tastes. The restaurant JAHAZ served delicious international cuisine, while the JING restaurant specialized in a mlange of the west and east fusion cuisine. But then, the main attractions- the sea food is served at the MEERU restaurant positioned on the beach! Nurture your mind and body at La Spa de Constance Halaveli Resort. Offering the best of their packages to re-vitalize your soul and re-awaken your conscience, La Spa de Constance is eagerly waiting for you. Perfect treatments including the ayurveda are imparted using natural and hand-crafted products. Numerous other facilities are gladly offered! The beauty of Maldives was already spell-bounding; adding sparkle to its charm is the Resort of Constance Halaveli Maldives. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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