The Mid Autumn Festival moon cake Guo Yuanyi rabbit first warm autumn – and Sohu group purchase

The Mid Autumn Festival moon cake Guo Yuanyi rabbit – Sohu and first group purchase warm autumn from the Mid Autumn Festival and less than half a month, but the moon cake market is already smoke thickened. Many providers super, moon cake has occupied a prominent position to become the protagonist. The cake shop is opened up a special booth, selling bulk and boxed cakes. This year, the major businesses in the moon cake taste, packaging is really under the foot of Kung fu. In recent years, due to the growth of the proportion of Mid Autumn Festival moon cake to buy, the public to buy gifts from more and more, the mass consumption has become a hot, PFP route to form the mainstream. Therefore, the economic level of a hundred yuan moon cake has become the focus of market competition. However, the consumer has become an inevitable trend of upgrading, consumers for food quality, packaging, security needs higher, but also more diversified. From this year’s launch of the major businesses of moon cake gift boxes, while retaining the public consumption of "people first" at the same time, is also pushing a number of ingredients and higher quality products. The price between 100~300 yuan moon cake gift to become this year’s flagship, is also the largest product group purchase moon cake. Taiwan Guo Yuanyi moon cake is to go are high value and Yan friendly price line, not only the price is very close to the people, the packaging is also unambiguous, proper atmosphere exquisite gift box, the Mid Autumn Festival to buy gifts all times! Guo Yuanyi had friends all know that Guo Yuanyi uses fresh ingredients, production of pure handmade flavors, rich nutrition, good taste ~ ~ fragrance sweet and salty moderate, not greasy and delicate taste delicious. Coupled with the awesome atmosphere exquisite gift box packaging, or give, or share with the family, is a very good choice oh. Not only delicious but also very good oh! Take this witch milk yellow moon cake, this box of moon cake just look at the appearance is very tall Oh, so give very suitable. Whether to send employees or send their elders to send students to send to friends, this beautiful appearance is enough to get shot, the key is inside the moon cake is also super delicious, in addition to Guo Yuanyi’s three big milk yellow single product, there are seven fantasy flavor Taiwan Master moon cake, the absolute value. The delicate taste dense, tastes rich enough, stuffing it. Cost-effective! A little greasy, very suitable for the whole family to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival to share. Taiwan has one of the top 38 stores in Guo Yuanyi, Taiwan’s only 100 brand, although the cake culture for 150 years, but always keep pace with the times, and fashion. The entertainment street, big goddess, Helen of Troy ex boyfriend, the richest man in Taiwan is a big fan of Guo Yuanyi. The moon cakes on the market, mostly greasy, high heat, the elderly and children delicate stomach, are not suitable, and to lose weight is not suitable for small partners. Mid Autumn Festival, how much will buy some friends and relatives to send gifts of mind is very important, health can not be lost, Guo Yuanyi really is a good choice. The moon a small and delicate, with Taiwan native fruit, rich flesh, healthy and not greasy, the price is the lever! In addition, due to the more variety, lower price discounts, promotions and other reasons, and now more and more consumers like online shopping. In this warm tips on the Internet to buy moon cake friends, we must choose the rules!相关的主题文章:

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