The old Xie gold gold price shock breakthrough oil roller coaster end Yang iptd-651

Xie Gold: gold price volatility to seek a breakthrough oil roller coaster end Yang received the client view the latest market spot gold continues to rebound in the 1260 into a narrow consolidation state, although more than 5 points in the volatility has been, but these two days has been maintained in the range of 1260-1250, and gold is different while other products is like a raging fire the news, crude oil may be relatively concentrated, leading to the recent fall a lot, while the dollar did not significantly callback but continue to maintain the upward trend, Thursday is the highest dollar index rose to 98.12, a record high since March 10th. The market is now more confident about the momentum of growth in the U.S. economy, and in the early hours of the Fed meeting on Thursday, the wording was changed to relatively fast, they pass a strong signal of interest rates tend to raise interest rates in December. Before the fundamentals of the second half of this year the old Xie also mentioned the three major concerns, and influenced the U.S. presidential election on the market is very important, global investors will focus on the U.S. presidential election, because the new president will affect domestic economic policy and international issues and the stability of the financial market. If Trump came to power, the majority of people believe that gold will lead to a hedge boom, but in fact, Hilary came to power in fact there will be incentives to stimulate the elements of gold. But the market is not always look at the results but look at expectations, so the election will affect the direction of the major commodity market price fluctuations. While in Europe, the UK may hard back in Europe last week has triggered a sharp fall in sterling, Deutsche Bank shares fell to its default may increase, and the Bank of Italy raised investor anxiety, these will aggravate the European banking system risk, and even lead to financial crisis. World Gold Council data show that in the two quarter of this year, gold demand increased by 15%, mainly due to the central bank [micro-blog] gold and gold ETFs fund. The current price of gold is still in the callback, because the Fed is expected to increase interest rates, as well as other central banks to tighten monetary policy. According to the CME interest rate forecast tool, the Fed rate hike in December reached 65.1%. On the whole, gold will form a long-term bottom, there will be $150 rise in space. So it is almost obvious that it is with such a fall will bring opportunities for the future rise, we believe that such an opportunity will not be too far. Gold this week week basically maintained within a narrow range, rise and fall more slowly, but you can see that the rebound trend has slowed down, as the old Xie gold yesterday article wrote that the market is most concerned about is currently waiting for a rebound bottoming or continue to dip after the shock? For the short-term trend, the old Xie believes that there is a rebound in demand for gold or gold, above the breakthrough this week after 1265 resistance or will usher in a rebound in space. But for the medium term, the interest rate does not fall before it is difficult to rise, even will dip, a lot of friends concerned about the investment Senji mark or touched upon in interest rates, but the interest rate, the price of gold or will once again rebound to form a certain market continues to rebound. On the day of the market, we need to focus on the two point one is below the 1247, which is our more than a single stop this week, while the top concern is.相关的主题文章:

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