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Sports-and-Recreation If for some explanation you are not mindful of this, spiking, or attacking, the ball is typically the third contact with the ball that a team makes. The reason teams use the spike is to make the ball hit the floor on the opponent’s side of the net for a point. The motion of spiking the volleyball is a process. The first thing a player must do is complete specific motion, which is called the approach. The approach is a three or four step motion that gets a player’s momentum going. The approach is followed by the jump then the spike. It is critical to remember that players should be jumping straight up into the air and not into the net. Rules Backrow attack is an attack carried out by a player in the back row. The player has to jump from behind the 10 foot line prior to coming into contact with the ball. A player can land, and usually does, within the ten foot line, close to the net. This rule is to prevent back row hitters hitting balls in the front row. This rule is a good one because it guarantees that there will only be three attackers at a time throught the entire match. Techniques In an ideal world, contact with the ball during the spike should be made when the attacker reaches the top of his or her jump. When the contact is made, the arm of the hitter is extended fully above his or her head and it is somewhat forward, this allows for the highest possible contact to be made, while conserving the capacity to give a potent strike. The hitter makes use of the wrist snap, arm swing and a fast forward contraction of the whole body (this is basically the pike position) in order to drive the ball. In the event that ball is hit hard and straight down, you might hear people calling it a bounce’. A kill is the term for an attack which cannot be returned by the opposing team and results in a point. In terms of how and where to hit the ball, here are some examples. In my opinion, there are only two places to hit a volleyball: down the line or a sharp, cross court spike. Most of the time these are the places to hit to get around the block. Hitting line means spiking the ball and trying to the sideline of the opponent’s court (presuming you are hitting from the outside or rightside) and a cross court shot is when you take the sharpest angle while hitting the ball over the net. A dump, aka, dink or tip, is whenever the player will, rather than spiking the ball, softly contacting the ball, so that it hits the ground at an area of the court of the opposing team which is not protected by the opponents. My personal favorite is the swipe or tool. This is when an attacker essentially shoves the ball into the blockers hands, and then throws the ball off of the block and out of bounds, ending in a touch call on the blocker. I often loved doing this to blockers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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