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The Third World Conference of the Internet will be the first part open to the public interface source: Recently, the Zhejiang provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister Lai Yingjie in the Third World Conference on Internet and introduces the preparatory work. Lai Yingjie said: before we want to make the world Internet Conference of the Internet industry in Davos, and now we are closer to this goal." Lai Yingjie said that compared with the previous two sessions, the preparatory work of the general assembly has six main features. First, the opening of new venues. The opening of the new Internet Conference this year Wuzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center is the permanent venues World Internet Conference, the first China Liz prize winner, Chinese g Architectural Design Academy of fine arts professor Wang Shu. Exhibition center with water as the medium, three principal buildings along the south, East and north direction around the center of the pool built, pool colonnade buildings, gallery walk pass. The whole building elements into a large number of white walls and black tiles, water corridor and other classic Jiangnan characteristics, highlighting the symbiotic fusion of traditional culture and modern civilization. Convention and Exhibition Center has three functional areas: Conference Center, exhibition center and reception center. Among them, the conference center will host the opening ceremony of the general assembly, the closing ceremony, the forum and the results of the global Internet innovation and scientific and technological activities, the exhibition hall will host the eight exhibition of the light of the internet. Two is open to the public for the first time. This year, the Expo will be open to the public for the first time. The fair received a total of more than 450 exhibitors, the final determination, including Microsoft, IBM, Germany SAP, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, including more than 310 well-known domestic and foreign exhibitors. Expo will be organized around the country government departments, high-tech zones, characteristics of small towns, entrepreneurial base, a passenger space, venture capital institutions, such as about 30 thousand professional visitors. Three ministries and commissions jointly do. Each sub forum is sponsored by a national ministries, national organizations or well-known colleges and universities, etc.. At present, the Supreme People’s court and the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of culture, Health Planning Commission, the people’s Bank, China Development Research Center of the State Council, the Central Committee of Communist Youth League and other more than and 10 central ministries directly involved in the sub forum, to participate in the forum more professional, more power yuan, more abundant achievements. Zhejiang 16 provincial units were set up a team to develop a detailed program of work, the initiative to undertake the activities of the host of the 16 central ministries, counterparts to do floor reception, guest service and other related work. The four is "Wuzhen coffee Hui" to create interactive platform. During the first two session of the general assembly, Ma Yun, Ma Huateng and other big Internet cafes to find their own place to party, have great communication effect. This year, Wuzhen in the West Gate Scenic Spot and the village of Ukraine has selected ten places, with "Wuzhen time" and "wine talk", "scull nocturne" naming, respectively, sponsored by the well-known Internet companies and related departments. At present, Alibaba, Foxconn, today’s headlines, 58 city and other well-known companies have confirmed to hold a "Wuzhen Coffee Festival activities. Five new products and new technologies to lead the development of the global Internet innovation. In accordance with the heavy starter + innovation.相关的主题文章:

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