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The welcome gift — Crawford exclusive beauty makeup gift Hwan new self – Fashion – sweet meet all my warm and romantic Valentine’s day after spring festival. To celebrate the arrival of the Spring Festival, inviting new designers and China Crawford nominated a new assembly "Call Out" brand activities of Chen Anqi, a new year present self service Travel Cosmetic Gift hwan. By Yan Hui offers holiday makeup service, and strive to create out of the ordinary luxury experience, let you in the holiday incarnation of perfect goddess, opening new articles for newly weds journey. Chen Anqi is dressing box gift box design inspiration from specially designed Crawford’s childlike innocence from the perspective of concept, transfer new year family reunion sweet joy through colorful pattern. Cosmetic box with straps, transformed into fashion handbags. The limited palette gathered in the new beauty brand’s best-selling single product: Diptyque rose fragrance, rose fragrance fragrance hand cream, rose kiss star Solid Perfume Fragrance Set; Eve Lom classic cleansing cream, morning hydrating cleansing milk clean suit, as well as Fresh, Lauder, Lancome, Esté E, La Mer La Prairie, Guerlain eight brands nine exclusive gift boxes are available. The box cover makeup, skin care, fragrance, body care category, the Festival go out in the outside, can also enjoy the meticulous nourishing. Crawford exclusive selection set: Diptyque care gift 1140 yuan Diptyque fragrance candle gift 1930 yuan Eve Lom detoxification Cleaning Kit 1115 Yuan Yan Hui new year makeup to create the perfect woman to enhance every customer shopping experience, service in exchange for the occasion of the new year will launch a special holiday makeup service, whether it is the new year lucky makeup, or a romantic date the makeup, is attracted to mature or elegant, feminine love beautiful, can be tailored by professional beauty consultant. Crawford uses 360 full service exchange service mode, not only to provide the best quality products for customers, but also through personal image consultant service to create the highest quality service standards, improve each customer shopping experience. Yan Hui reception can arrange trained with regularity beauty consultants, there is a need for the customer to provide information, skin beauty and trend analysis, perfumes and cosmetics, guiding image guidance and gift recommendation service.

连卡佛迎新献礼――独家发售焕新自我美妍化妆礼盒–时尚–人民网   甜蜜遇见新禧,温馨春节和浪漫情人节接踵而来。为庆祝新春到来,连卡佛邀请中国新晋设计师兼入围新品牌集结号「Call Out」活动的陈安琪,呈献猴年限定的焕新自我美妍旅行化妆礼。并由美妍汇提供的节日彩妆服务,力求缔造与众不同的奢华体验,让你在节日里化身完美女神,开启新年新妆新旅程。   陈安琪为连卡佛特别设计的化妆箱礼盒设计灵感源自孩童的纯真视角构想,通过鲜艳的图案传递新年家庭团聚的甜蜜喜悦。化妆箱礼盒附有肩带,摇身一变便成为时尚手袋。限量彩妆盒内汇聚全新美妆品牌的畅销单品: Diptyque玫瑰香调淡香水、玫瑰香调护手霜、玫瑰之吻固体香膏的明星香氛套装;Eve Lom经典洁颜霜、晨间焕采洁颜乳洁净套装,以及Fresh、 Estée Lauder、 Lancome、 La Mer、 La Prairie、 Guerlain的八大品牌九款独家礼盒可供选择。礼盒涵盖彩妆、护肤、香氛、身体护理品类,节日出门在外,也能享受细致滋养呵护。   连卡佛独家精选套装: Diptyque 香氛护理礼盒 人民币1140元 Diptyque 香氛蜡烛礼盒 人民币1930元 Eve Lom 排毒清洁套装 人民币1115元   美妍汇新年开运彩妆造就完美女人   为提升每位顾客的购物体验,美妍汇于新年之际特别推出节日彩妆服务,无论是新年开运妆,还是浪漫约会妆,是倾心成熟优雅,抑或是钟情娇柔唯美,都可由专业美容顾问量身定制。连卡佛美妍汇采用360 全方位服务模式,不仅为顾客提供最优质的产品,还通过个人形象顾问服务打造最高品质的服务标准,提升每位顾客的购物体验。美妍汇接待处也可随时安排训练有素的美容顾问,为有需要的顾客提供美容和潮流信息、皮肤分析、香水和化妆品指导、形象指导及礼品建议服务。相关的主题文章:

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