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Arts-and-Entertainment It is quite hard to have a full picture or perspective of your career and this is because we are blinded by the employer-employee perspective that we are accustomed to. For employees, this can all change when they start looking at themselves from a business perspective. According to Tim Nelson MAP Houston, this new vision defeats the employeeemployer mindset and thus the mind is opened up to operating as a business partner or even as a powerful investor in the .pany. The importance of shifting from the employer-employee perspective is that your mind is no longer enslaved to what the boss tells you to do. The fact that .pany policies are already set means that: you can either be happy or dissatisfied with them, if you do not like the way things are going the answer is to quit, you always hope that the .pany will take care of your needs, and you always need to prove yourself as smarter than everyone else to land the job. Tim Nelson MAP Houston notes that with such a mindset or perspective it is really difficult to maintain the vertical on your way to personal success because your fate is seemingly already decided. Your mind can be opened up when you start viewing yourself as being business partners with your employer. What is being implied here is that you have some skills which your partner (employer) needs while he/she has some resources that you require. The middle ground here is that both of you need to share the knowledge and resources in order to make some money together. Tim Nelson MAP Houston shares that with such a perspective you be.e of value to the .pany and you understand the values that both parties bring to the table. This way, if this relationship is beneficial to both of you then you will together chart a way forward; if this is not possible then you will opt to leave and embark on finding the right partner. When you consider the startup-investor perspective, it is akin to having a great idea that you would like to set in motion and all you are looking for is the right person to explain it to and who is also willing to support you by investing in it. On the part of the employer, it is like he or she believes in your idea and wants to help you to be successful so that he/she can in turn obtain a great return on the investment. According to Tim Nelson MAP Houston, the question that begs is if you are the right project for your investor and if the employer is the right investor for you. Tim Nelson MAP Houston concludes that the result of inviting these perspectives into your mind is that both your self esteem and self confidence grow such that you take pride in and want to own your work. As such you decisively embark on the path to personal empowerment and success. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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