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Vacation-Rentals Timeshare scam is not something to be embarrassed about, it is a multi-million dollar industry that preys on trusting vacationers and needs to be stopped. In order to do this, we urge all the people that have been scammed by timeshare developers in Mexico to take action and work to resolve their issues and prevent the perpetrators of fraud from harming others. Here are some simple steps to prevent yourself from be.ing a victim of timeshare fraud: 1) Ask questions. Make sure that you understand all the terms of the purchase contract. Ensure that everything that you were told during the sales presentation is detailed in writing in the contract that you sign. Do not trust verbal promises made by salespeople. 2) Take your time before signing a timeshare contract. Do not sign anything under pressure. One day offers, or claims that you do not need to read the contract as everything has been explained to you verbally, are indicators of timeshare scam. Timeshare fraud salespeople do not want the clients to walk away from the presentation without purchasing. They will often keep potential clients, against their will, for hours on end, offering various packages of different amounts and configurations. Many people sign because they are tired and want to leave, they are confused, or they are offered great deals that are available just for that day. With important financial decisions, we re.mend that you take your time, do research on the .pany, and then decide whether or not to purchase. 3) Talk with Other Owners. If you are staying at the timeshare resort, talk to other owners when you are in the pool, lobby, etc. Ask them about their experiences with availability, reservations, customer service, quality of lodging, rentals, resales and any other factors that are important for you before you make your decision about whether or not to purchase a timeshare at the resort. 4) Read Carefully. Timeshare contracts are legally binding agreements. Make sure that you read every page of the contract before signing. The timeshare developers and rental/resale agents use careful wording to trick clients to believe claims of guaranteed rentals and amazing investment opportunities. For example, they may claim to guarantee acceptance of your timeshare weeks into their rental inventory, but not actually guarantee the rental. Ensure that you understand the root meaning of each clause, and avoid signing contracts that include vague clauses such as I have not been made any verbal promises by the salesperson. 5) Keep Documents. Make sure that you receive every page of the contract before you leave the sales room and keep a copy of all the relevant documents. Do not rely on the resort to mail you a copy of the contract as some clients have received just partial versions of the contract, with some of the important pages missing. You should receive a full copy of all the documentation at the time of purchase, including the contract, any addendums and the notes that the timeshare salesperson wrote to explain the timeshare terms. In case you have any disputes, you have all the details in writing about what you were promised during the sales presentation. What can you do if you are already a timeshare scam victim: 1) Report the timeshare .panys fraudulent activity to your attorney general, the tourism department in Mexico, and travel agents. 2) .plain to all levels of customer service and management of the timeshare resorts to ensure that they are made aware of your concerns and make every effort to rectify the situation and stop the fraudulent sales practices. Thousands of people every year fall victim to timeshare scam while vacationing in Mexico. The sales teams have carefully crafted and proven techniques to close sales, and are very skilled in ensuring that potential clients be.e timeshare owners. Do not feel ashamed of your purchase, instead, take action to prevent others from financial ruin and to resolve your own situation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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