Total loss of iron in the first half of 7 billion 300 million to increase the liabilities of more th

The total iron losses in the first half of 7 billion 300 million increase in debt over billions of workers wages single as early as 2011, the Ministry of Railways put sustainable "railway wage scheme:" strive to five years, the railway company annual per capita income of more than 100 thousand yuan. However, this plan does not seem to be a reality. Many people claiming to be friends of railway workers posting said that the current hand is three thousand or four thousand, do not know what year he can enter the year of the year of 100 thousand. The reform of three years, why deep morass losses? Railway workers Tucao low wages, not for no reason. In the restructuring of the Ministry of Railways Railway Company after three years, the railroad giant still in a huge loss of state. According to the latest financial statements, the total loss of iron in the first half of more than 7 billion 295 million yuan. (map) is strange, iron total annual results showed the first half of the huge loss, the weak earnings "situation. If you do not want to lose money, pay close attention to Phoenix securities (ifengstock)] in 2014 for the first full year of the total iron restructuring. The first half of the year, total iron after tax profit of 5 billion 356 million yuan loss; but by early 2015 released 2014 earnings report, the total iron from negative to positive profit after tax profit 636 million yuan. In 2015 the continuation of the trend, first half net profit of 8 billion 820 million yuan huge loss, but the annual profit of 681 million yuan. The first half of 2016 continued losses. In the listed company, the accounting practices tend to be the exchange inquiry letter sent. However, in the bond market, as the bond issuer’s total iron has not been treated by the dealer association. Total iron in the earnings report did not explain the reasons for the first half and second half of the performance of the mutation. But many experts said that this may be related to some of the non recurring profit and loss items. A railway expert said that this may be related to financial subsidies: the total amount of iron is a lot of confidential financial information, financial subsidies are generally issued by the end of the year. (map) another expert said, the first half of the total iron is more dry financial data, business operation data, when the second half of the year to the end of the fiscal year, in addition to other data besides the assets provision etc.. No matter what the reason, difficulties are a reflection of iron business total. Total iron was formerly known as the Ministry of railways, in March 2013, the first session of the Twelfth National People’s Congress passed the "plan" transformation and institutional reform of the State Council decided to implement the functions of separating railway, the formation of China Railway Corporation, the Ministry of Railways commitment to corporate responsibility. Many industry participants expect to separate the government and the government to pave the way for the railway market, and improve its performance. However, after the restructuring of the total iron performance is always poor. Reported that the first half of the total transportation of iron total revenue 281 billion 938 million yuan, down by 2.5%, of which freight revenue of $101 billion 71 million, a decline of -6.17% fell sharply from the same period last year -14.72%. For the overall performance of the iron situation, some experts said that the railway is still more to assume social functions, so that he is difficult to achieve profitability. Total iron is currently the main profit or freight, and freight and macroeconomic relations are relatively close. Iron total own argument is;相关的主题文章:

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