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Fashion-Style As the weather heats up and the stores stock the racks with sundresses, shorts and tank tops, the jewelry of the moment is inspired by the cool colors of vacations to tropical locations. Here are some baubles that will help to remind you of paradise abroad. Shells Authentic sea shell jewelry is both beautiful and unique, but this year, why not try something new and equally as stunning? Shell shaped charms, pendants and drop earrings are absolutely eye-catching when adorned with rhinestones or CZ in a pave setting. Sterling silver jewelry starfish shapes are delicate and can up the style quotient when worn in jewelry sets. Palm Tree Shapes Inspired by the swaying trees of far-off destinations, a palm tree pendant necklace can add a beach vibe to classic pieces. Worn by celebrities such as Kate Hudson, you can recall memories of your favorite vacation spots with this tropical treat. Fish With a colorful coat of scales, these underwater creatures look phenomenal when worn as sterling silver jewelry adorned with precious gems. From royal blue to aquamarine, tropical fish inspired jewelry makes a great statement necklace or cocktail ring. For an Asian inspired look, look for a Koi fish piece in red, orange and yellow. You’ll be sure to make a splash! Flowers Hawaiian flavors abound, flowers like the orchid look great when set with colorful stones in a statement necklace. Asymmetrical multi-strand tropical flower necklaces are chic and stylish as ever this year. For a more understated look, small flower earrings, such as those donned by starlet Hayden Panettiere can make anyone glow. It’s easy and inexpensive to incorporate a beachy vacation vibe that will get you thinking about bright sunny days lounging at a poolside cabana or a beach side hide-a-way. Simply don a piece or two of jewelry inspired by your destination. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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