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UnCategorized If you have started looking into first aid kits or a survival kit for dangerous or disastrous situations, you may have started to wonder how these kits work in terms of varying situations. Are there kits you can buy for home use versus travel use? What is the difference between the items in the kit as well as the price differentials? Well, there are different kits for different situations indeed. The kit you pick will .plement the situation you are in. So, let’s take a look at a few of the most popular options when it .es to these first aid kit and survival kit products: Water Filtration: These .e in an array of shapes and sizes, but they all work with the same goal in mind – clean water. These systems and kits solve the problem of contaminated water by allowing you to easily filter virtually any available water safely and efficiently wherever you are. They use forward osmosis to filter out dangerous biological organisms such as bacteria, viruses and parasites. Even dissolved solids such as heavy metals and salts are greatly diminished providing your family with safe water for improved hydration. No purifying chemicals, no pumping, no chemical flavor, no clogging. Makes over 3 liters supply, filters to less than 10 angstroms & provides electrolytes. Simply use a sports drink to create osmotic pressure and draw water molecules across its membrane filter which has a microscopic pore size of 3-5 angstroms. Four Person Search and Rescue Kit: This is a great product for professional search and rescue teams and it will contain essentially everything you need in order to search for people and rescue them. The kit would include basics like leather gloves, latex gloves, light sticks, code red batteries, duct tape, steel pulley system, caution tape, eye goggles, saw, pry bar, vise grip, utility knife, folding shovel, screw driver set, hard hats, nylon cords, whistles, etc. Most of these search and rescue kits will .e in some kind of a duffel bag to carry everything in, but I have seen a few sites that offer a "toolbox" type of deal for transportation. This one .es prepared for four people, but they have them in 1,2,3 and 4+ options as well. Triage Kit: Triage is the process for sorting injured people into groups based on their need for or likely benefit from immediate medical treatment. Triage is used in hospital emergency rooms, on battlefields, and at disaster sites when limited medical resources must be allocated. These kits will contain items such as safety vests, colored triage tape, ground stakes, triage books, grease pencils, id tags, etc. Office – Classroom Emergency Kits: We are not always at home when disaster strikes. Have your office or classroom prepared with emergency supplies, first aid kits, food, water, and tools necessary to protect a group of people during emergency situations until help can arrive. See kits like the office, classroom emergency survival preparedness gear and equipment for an earthquake survival kit, emergency survival kit for disaster survival. They start at lower prices for more basic survival kits and first aid kits – around $40. On up to more expensive kits for more items and more people – going up to $1000. First Aid and Trauma Kits: Are you searching for emergency medical service products? Take a look at the selection of trauma kits. Key to helping others during a disaster or emergency is to be able to render effective first aid until help arrives. These first aid kits are stocked for single use to full multi person first aid and trauma kits to fit a wide variety of disaster situations where first aid and injury treatment is required. A well-stocked first aid kit can help render the needed care until emergency personnel arrive. Some of these may contain pretty basic pieces such as gauze, bandages, tape and gloves. Whereas others, usually the more expensive ones will contain other imperative items – everything from blood stoppers and airway sets to cervical collars and instant glucose. If you want to be really prepared, if you are a civilian, you should really consider getting one first aid kit and one survival kit. The first aid kit will help with injuries whereas the survival kit will help you "survive" for lack of a better term. The survival kits will last you from 1 days to 2 weeks depending on the kit itself. It may include options like shelter, water, food, and a few necessary items like a knife, flint, waterproof matches, etc. These survival kits are good in catastrophic instances, but they are also good to carry with you if you decide to get on a trip to someplace you have never been or to a backwoods adventure – especially if you plan on going alone, which by the way is never really a good idea. But, if you do plan to go alone, take a first aid kit and a survival kit with you to be prepared.. for anything! A few of the best brands to look into as far as survival kits and first aid kits goes are some of the biggest names in the industry. You can’t really visit any sites online without seeing these names – Swiss Army, Adventure Medical Kits and Tactical Medical Solutions. Read up on these product brands and see why they are considered the best of the best. Put your mind at ease and keep you and your family safer with these products. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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