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What kind of country, can save the original title: Yang change orchid desperate dead child, desperate poor die squire Author: a cage   source: public number editor attitude "I don’t want to explain it again 1 bloody scene: Gansu County, Kangle, a 28 year old woman Gushan village, Yang Gailan that killed his 4 children, including a pair of twins, then Dutch act. A few days after the funeral, her husband finished cooking, commit suicide. Police are investigating, the media are following up, the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office staff, has been stationed in the village. A storm of responsibility, but also online fermentation: not to say that it is necessary to accurately help the poor? Why, as an adobe house family, do not enjoy subsistence allowances? The local government and village cadres, took the household income data and guaranteeing the confirmation process: according to the income data, Yang does not meet the minimum standards; according to the identification procedure, Yang was not nominated for the villagers living object. If the data is not false, if the program is not illegal, if the visit is in place, I really feel that can not blame these cadres. Although some cadres do not have a good reputation, but in this case, they serve as a part of administration and self-government system, get a salary to do a job, work responsibilities. As for moral conscience, who knows? Or, how many people can withstand torture? 2 from the incident to the present, everyone is asking, what made this tragedy? What makes this woman so cruel? No one knows the exact answer. The deceased was buried. They can’t speak. The living man, the original family of eight, now has only one father and grandmother to live on. They can’t speak. Media reports and government responses give some well-known background: poverty, and family conflicts. These background, accumulated in the house that everyone has seen. Because of poverty, the family even get low, get housing subsidies, "10 thousand yuan is not enough, so the master tobacco money, not building. Because her husband is daochamen, grandma was looked down on, "was the insole fan face", "do not want to let him build a house in the yard, even if the bite can save a little money, even if the team repeatedly come to do the work, so that they cannot build. And poverty and family conflicts, the family is lonely. "China Youth Daily" the survey report, with a special section to show the family alone in a villager surnamed Kang (local) view, the family is good, people naturally more, Yang situation worse, the communication is less. According to some villagers, in the old bay agency, over the years, Yang Gailan only contacts and several other villagers from his house, and a few. The stress of poverty, family conflicts and pressure, the economic base determines the social loneliness, is bringing endless despair. This despair, eventually evolved into the consideration of human nature, as in the history of the famous "Standford prison experiment". Hao相关的主题文章:

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