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Fitness-Equipment Changes have been made by Coach Bret Bielema in the Wisconsin Badgers starting line-up. Instead of Allan Evridge, Bielema designated Dustin Sherer as quarterback when they face Illinois. Evridge and Scott Tolzien will provide back-up for him. According to Coach Bielema, Sherer’s performance in the game against Iowa was not really that spectacular with nary a touchdown but he liked what he saw. Incidentally, the Badger’s lost to Iowa that time. Though Sherer will be one of the starters for the game with Illinois, there is no assurance that he will do so in the succeeding games. That will be a chance though for him to prove his worth and give Coach Bielema a reason to continue to have him as starter. Sherer’s back-up are Scott Tolzien and Allan Evridge. Tolzien played with the Badgers against Iowa in which was considered as his first for the season. In the meantime, Evridge, a transferee from Kansas State U started the last six games but did not play in the one with Iowa. The change in the quarterback came just when the Wisconsin Badgers are in a tight position after suffering from four consecutive losses. Bielema is optimistic that with the changes, there might a change also in how their games turn out. He is hopeful that the team will be able to recover and salvage their remaining games for the season. On that same event, Bielema was asked about a lot of things including his plans to continue donning the Winconsin windbreaker every time there are games. He was also asked if he is being pressured by Barry Alvarez who personally picked him as his replacement when he became the university’s athletic director. Bielema told them that Barry Alvarez’ interest in the team will always be there having coached it also for some time. He is always available for any advice and would even be there sometimes for the practices. He also stressed that both he and Alvarez would like the team to win and that he knew that he will always be linked to him when it .es to football. Alvarez was also present during that news conference albeit at the back. Wisconsin needs to play more consistently. In a game with Michigan they were already 19-0 at halftime but still the Wolverine rallied back to finally win that game. It was a sad state for the Badgers though because from number 8 nationally they dropped to being unranked. Then they had to exert great effort just to win three of their remaining games to qualify for the bowl. The consecutive losses were at the hands of Michigan Wolverines, Penn State (ranked 3), Ohio (ranked 10) and of course, Iowa. Disappointments were felt by everybody, from the coaching staff to the players. The last games were awful and left everybody feeling downcast. The only thing that can raise the team’s spirits would be another win. The season’s start was actually one of the worst for Wisconsin Badgers since the mid-90. They have been outscored. But there is that resolve to win and the quest to win will surely be an interesting one. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章:

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