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No chance to buy Wang Jianlin at Paramount Pictures, SONY pictures recently, Wanda Group officially announced with SONY (Sony) reached a strategic cooperation Studio Entertainment’s Motion Picture Group, SONY will open SONY film in the future to Wanda movie making equity investment, and strive to make the cast film show Chinese elements, and Wanda will use their the global cinema and other resources to carry out propaganda work, to help SONY film. At present, the government has not announced the specific cooperation film, but the two sides are negotiating cooperation films including "Spider Man": the return from "big cousin Jennifer · Laurence and Star Jazz" starring Chris · parattah space travelers, "new" brave game "," The Smurfs "etc.. In the future, the two sides will cooperate more films. It is reported that, for part of the film, Wanda Group will provide SONY film in China when the new film marketing help, another part of the film, Wanda Group will provide financing between 10% – 15%. Wang Jianlin said in an interview with Reuters, "my goal is to buy Hollywood companies, and bring their technology and film production capacity into China."." This is the first time that Chinese companies have reached an open investment cooperation with one of the six Hollywood studios. Obviously, Wanda failed to stop at Hollywood, although Wanda failed to buy paramount. Previously, Wanda is actively promoting the relevant transaction intention 49% paramount, paramount equity, but with Avia Kham before President Philip · dormann out, this transaction will be stranded. But that hasn’t stopped Wanda from continuing to expand its influence at Hollywood. Through the acquisition of legend film in the beginning of the year, Wanda and universal film reached a cooperation. At the same time, Wanda also alone to invest in the paramount "renzheshenqiu" and "Transformers" series of films. This cooperation is also beneficial for SONY. SONY film not only can get the world’s first major line Wanda cinema support, but also can get long-term stable source of funds. Recently, SONY and Lone Star capital cooperation is about to expire, it is not sure whether Lone Star will continue to participate in the project after SONY. Before, in the "Ghostbusters" project, Lone Star capital trying to get out, thus eliminating a huge loss, which makes SONY very unhappy, they have to bear huge losses. May be because of "Ghostbusters" event, SONY will seek new partners. Wanda, who has been trying to enter Hollywood, is undoubtedly the right partner. Wanda not only has a large wallet, but also has the Hollywood market eager to enter the Chinese market. But for Wanda, how to sell Chinese movies to the whole world is the real goal. Wang Jianlin repeatedly said, Wanda to create a world-class cultural company, and therefore, Wanda will actively promote the SONY film to show more "Chinese elements."". In the upcoming the Great Wall, Matt · Damon will be playing monsters on the Great Wall, this mix and match may be more and more.

没机会买派拉蒙,王健林又瞄向了索尼影业近日,万达集团正式宣布,与索尼(Sony)影视娱乐旗下 Motion Picture Group 达成战略合作,索尼影视今后将对万达开放索尼制作影片的股权投资,并努力让参投影片展现中国元素,而万达将利用自己的全球院线资源及其他资源,帮助索尼电影开展宣发工作。目前官方尚未公布具体合作影片,但双方正在谈判合作的影片包括《蜘蛛侠:归来》、由“大表姐”詹妮弗·劳伦斯和“星爵”克里斯·帕拉特主演的《太空旅客》、新《勇敢者的游戏》、《蓝精灵》等。在未来,双方还会合作更多的影片。据悉,对于一部分影片,万达集团将提供索尼影业在中国上映新片时的营销帮助,另一部分影片,万达集团将提供 10%—15% 之间的融资。王健林在接受路透社采访时曾表示,“我的目标是收购好莱坞的公司,并把他们的技术和电影生产能力带入中国。”这次是中国公司首次与好莱坞六大制片厂之一达成开放式的投资合作,显然,虽然万达没法收购派拉蒙,但进军好莱坞的脚步并没有停下。先前,万达正积极推进派拉蒙的相关交易,意图获得 49% 的派拉蒙股权,但随着威亚康姆前总裁菲利普·多曼出局,这一交易随之搁浅。不过这并没阻止万达在好莱坞继续扩展自己的影响力。通过年初收购传奇影业,万达与环球影业达成了合作。同时,万达也单独参与投资了派拉蒙的《忍者神龟》和《变形金刚》系列电影。这次合作对索尼来说也颇为有利。索尼电影不但能够获得世界第一大院线万达院线的支持,同时也能得到长期稳定的资金来源。最近,索尼与 Lone Star 资本的合作即将到期,目前尚不确定 Lone Star 是否会继续参与索尼之后的项目之中。之前,在《捉鬼敢死队》项目中,Lone Star 资本设法脱身,从而免去了一笔巨大的损失,这让索尼非常不高兴,他们不得不独力承担巨大的损失。可能也正由于《捉鬼敢死队》事件,索尼才会寻求新的合作伙伴。而一直想进军好莱坞的万达无疑是合适的合作伙伴。万达不但钱包比较大,同时还拥有好莱坞大片都渴望进入的中国市场。不过对于万达来说,如何把中国电影卖到全世界才是真正的目标。王健林多次表态,要把万达打造成一个世界级的文化公司,也正因此,万达也会积极推动索尼的电影中展现更多“中国元素”。在即将上映的《长城》中,马特·达蒙会在长城上打怪兽,这种“混搭”可能会在越来越多好莱坞电影里出现。相关的主题文章:

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