Xianmian listed on the front oil cotton factory shutdown for pgd-426

Xianmian listed on the front oil cotton factory shutdown for Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! High pressure makes us may be a new low, with the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, the market has basically completed the stage of stocking, domestic oil meal and other products is facing double pressure. Because of the vast majority of cotton and cotton factory factory has stopped receiving cotton production, deputy stock is limited, especially in the mainland areas of rainy, cotton production is serious, and the cotton quality may be affected by increased, holding goods manufacturers very price price in most parts of mood, vice cotton remained stable. After entering in September, the main producing areas of the country there are early new cottonseed sporadic listed in Xinjiang Xinjiang Listed cottonseed quotation about 1.4 yuan a catty, Xinjiang in 1.45 yuan Jin, just because of the current listing of cotton and cotton seed production is scarce, deputy market has not improved, the inside and outside Xinjiang oil refinery has yet to start purchasing more, just inquiry manufacturers gradually increased. At present, Hubei, Xiaogan, Huanggang early cottonseed market, 15-18% water, oil 11% gross seed price in 1.51-1.52 yuan Jin, due to limited resources, local oil basic procurement market movements, only individual traders said the recent shipment to Shandong Xiajin sporadic. A recent new year cotton price trend market disputes are still large differences, on the one hand by the previous year cottonseed prices high and more cotton acreage significantly reduced and other factors, the upstream market for new season cotton market confidence was sufficient, while in the area of a large ranch and northwest cotton oil plant has started to organize in-depth various areas the investigation, leasing a warehouse for the new season cotton acquisition processing active layout seems to show strong demand for cotton; on the other hand, the domestic downstream cotton by-products by weak end demand pressure, the overall delivery problem is obvious, especially the cottonseed meal, cottonseed oil and other major cotton by-products relative peripheral products have no cost advantage, many area oil remained on the new seed procurement processing flagging interest, local manufacturers even on the new year when the pessimistic attitude. In general, a large number of new domestic cottonseed before the listing, the market is still dominated by multi wait, the mainstream price of new seeds have yet to be further clarified. The recent domestic cotton market in the lean on the occasion, only the Shandong individual manufacturers rely on inventory in Xinjiang Australia imported blending cottonseed cottonseed and cottonseed to maintain a small amount of a small amount of new processing, cottonseed oil output and inventory is obviously insufficient, although no significant improvement in cottonseed oil consumption, but oil resources of a plurality of sales areas have been exhausted, and north areas local double before the small package keep open, to maintain the overall price of cottonseed oil firm, currently Shandong three cottonseed oil mainstream factory price has gone up to 6100-6200 yuan interval tons, from time to time with the external individual manufacturers offer a slight adjustment of 20-30 yuan per ton, Xiajin individual manufacturers shipments improved, three washing cotton price was ascribed to 6280 yuan per ton. The market news is relatively calm, the whole disk bulk oil continued to rebound, the spot market price hike with the disc, temporarily to cottonseed oil prices to improve, in the new season before the arrival of the material in its domestic cottonseed oil supply shortage led, to maintain the overall inflation theory相关的主题文章:

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