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IPhone 7 Welcome 10 update: the state line from the 5388 day of the sale of bright black – Sohu science and technology text Sohu technology Lv Linxuan, aged 40 years of crisis in Apple slowed down the pace of innovation." It seems that you will be able to reach this conclusion before the start of the conference. On September 8th at 1 a.m. call Apple held a new fall conference, Apple released the new hardware: iPhone Plus and Apple WATCH 2 generation. The new iPhone in the history of the most comprehensive upgrade, and Apple WATCH is mainly from the built-in upgrade. Although the iPhone7 series before the market is expected to generally do not optimistic about Apple’s innovation, but the new show that it still represents the highest standards in the mobile phone industry today. Any of a small micro innovations can touch the entire mobile phone industry and related industries after radiation. This year’s iPhone 77 Plus upgrade far more than ever before. Mainly includes the following changes: · appearance design: the introduction of the new color scheme for two consecutive years, this year, Apple’s color scheme has been the biggest ever adjusted. In addition to retain the original gold, silver, rose gold color, this year, the abolition of the deep space gray color, instead of adding two versions of black – black and bright black (Jet black). There is no legendary "navy". · Retina HD screen: screen brightness increased by 25%; support theater level display and achieve a wider color display; still support 3D Touch. ·: camera: iPhone 77 Plus this year, the size of the phone camera in the two aspects of the gap further opened. The iPhone 7 is still the 12 million single camera, F aperture 1.8; compared to the previous generation, the amount of light into 50% increase response speed by 60% and 30% of the energy saving and optimization. This generation of complete optical image stabilization. IPhone 7 Plus rear 12 million pixel dual camera through the focal point of the lens to achieve different zoom optical zoom of 2 times, and then the maximum support for the effect of 10 times digital zoom. Dual camera can also achieve excellent background virtualization, real-time background blur can be achieved, in portrait shooting can play a great role. The improvement of the camera may make iPhone stand back to the location of the king of mobile photography. Front camera improved to 7 million FaceTime HD camera. The level of software, the new iPhone support RAW format, and can edit photos of Live; · Home key: Home key with a new touch, and work together with the internal engine, can more quickly respond to information, notification, the operations such as. · 3.5mm interface to cancel: the new iPhone using lightning headset, the sound is far more than the effect of the analog signal before the new iPhone 77 Plu.相关的主题文章:

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