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Do the taro and coconut milk, delicious food and drink – Sohu now assured food hygiene, regardless of what to eat are not safe, there is always some additives for money not to use a variety of injuries, but also endanger the health. So, can do their own thing as far as possible to do their own, safety and health, and the dosage is not ambiguous, how much do you want to eat! According to this small tutorial doing taro at home, put the only love pitaya, not often eat XX Xian difference. So, Xiaobian rhythm, to make their own taro! Coconut milk taro materials: purple sweet potato, pumpkin, tapioca flour, coconut milk, milk, condensed milk, homemade honey bean coconut milk taro 1 purple sweet potato slice. 2 pot boiling water, steamed purple sweet potato. 3 using the back of the steamed purple sweet potato crushed into mud. 4 add right amount of tapioca flour dough. 5 slices of pumpkin steamed mashed, filtered excess water. 6 add right amount of tapioca flour dough. 7 twist the purple potato dough into strips. 8 cut French fries with a knife. (the same method to complete the round pumpkin) 9 pot boiling water, add taro taro cooked to float on the surface. 10 will remove the taro cooked with pure water soak after dry moisture control. 11 take a bag of milk, add the right amount of coconut pulp mixing evenly. 12 in coconut milk added milk flavor. 13 will be cooked in coconut milk in taro. 14 add appropriate amount of honey. The mall eleven big promotion, multiple gifts waiting for you to get more information about WeChat ~, welcome the public number: the photography.相关的主题文章:

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