Battle is Wang Kai Wang Jiaer seeking photo Schadenfreude 若槻ゆうか

"Battle" is Wang Kai Wang Jiaer seeking photo over Sina entertainment news Jiangsu TV [micro-blog] "we fight" tonight will be broadcast on the twelfth 22:00. They will go through and strong competition "eagle catches chicken, grilled oysters, on board a series of Duige such a severe test, to get their own graduation qualification. The six stars will become the scene of "happy Songkran"; Wang Jiaer wearing a wig received terrorist "shock, and had" strength pet quack "Wang Kai [micro-blog] is not Gu rattle indifference face excitedly asked to. Bai Jingting upright interrupt opponent: chicken also said that the western style of driving a tank the task of the stars came to the front of the six men and a speed and power of competition, and to introduce the rules of the game in the heroes, "the hand piece" Bai Jingting mercilessly interrupted him, also Tucao "that is not enough, in fact, the eagle catches chicken?" Just say let Monty reluctantly laugh. In the XiAn Railway Station, the six men of God to answer the scene into the "Water Splashing Festival", but this time in the water and the warrior "chicken" once again they play big hair, the beginning or poker-faced in the game, the second half deadlocked, six people have started splashing attacks. He also laughed while throwing. The opposite of heroes was splashed blinded, helpless began splashing back, serious game scene has become an instant joy songkran. Wang Jiaer was wearing a wig all very distressed Wang Kai schadenfreude seeking photo in order to produce electrical elements, Wang Jiaer must wear wigs to accept the "shock" in Taiwan, and through the password command brother held a red flag green flag. The face of the wig Wang Jiaer refused, and even said, "I can not my electric element!" While Wang Kai has not only been laughing, even excited rushed to say "I want pictures", the picture did not forget to say that Jam Hsiao [micro-blog] sent the photos to him. As early as in Korea, Wang Kai had held a hairy crab happily says "this is Wang Jiaer’s sister, called Ka" program administrative micro-blog yesterday exposed the Wang Kai and Wang Jiaer photo, many fans have commented "Wang Jiaer Bian Jiaren!" To stand on the stage of the Wang Jiaer shock, immediately become "bristle", a "fried" wig he excitedly dance, brother provoked laughter. Read command password in Wang Jiaer, Mandarin has been hitched him again and again let brother by jet punishment, and instantly angered the people, Yang Shuo [micro-blog] even put relentless said: "we can’t help him with it". Under the command of GA Hong Kong, they can successfully complete the challenge? Want to see the male gods of Songkran, want to see Wang Jiaer "Ka", please look forward to it "ending the tonight 22:00 Jiangsu TV broadcast" we fight the war!相关的主题文章:

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