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4 times drunk driving, suspected traffic police "no business", Ji’nan wine driver checked wine mad original title: 4 times drunk driving, suspected traffic police "do not work""! A drunk driver in Ji’nan is drunk, "you guys don’t get a job, it’s bad."." "How much do you drink?" I drank." 8, Ji’nan Licheng traffic police informed of the recent investigation of a drunken driving case, the expiration of the test value of wine driver 314mg 100ml, drunk driving standards nearly 4 times, suspected drunk driving. After the man was checked, he was extremely disobedient to the management, playing with the traffic police, abusing the traffic police, and finally refusing to sign the breath test results. The evening of October 28th, Ji’nan Licheng police carry out drunk driving campaigns in Fengming Road, a red car parked on the roadside suddenly after seeing the police, the police immediately went to see. Open the door, a wine nostrils. After preliminary detection, the car driver suspected of drinking. "How much wine did you drink?"" "How much do you drink?" I drank anyway." The police just asked, the driver Wang on the top of the tongue police, and very frankly to the traffic police said, "I drank, no driver’s license."." Then he took out his wallet and looked inside, and he scolded one side of the traffic police: "you guys, it’s too bad.". He took a cigarette out of his pocket and smoked it in the car. After repeated warning by the police, the men still do not cooperate with the work, the police forcibly carried away from the scene. Subsequently, the police took Wang to the police car for alcohol breath detection, Wang was impatient blowing three times, the test value was as high as 314mg 100ml, drunk driving standards nearly 4 times, drunk driving. Once he was drunk driving, Wang also played a crazy wine, said, "traffic police do not work."". When signing the expiration results, Wang once again played the wine mad, refused to choose. At present, Ji’nan Licheng traffic police have extracted Wang blood samples to detect alcohol content, and other testing results out, step by step to deal with it.

4倍醉驾反嫌交警“没正事” 济南一酒司机被查耍酒疯   原标题:4倍醉驾反嫌交警“没正事”!济南一酒司机被查耍酒疯   “你们这伙没点正事,太坏了。”“你管我喝多少酒干什么,我喝酒了不就是了。”8日,济南历城交警通报了近期查处的一起醉酒驾驶案件,酒司机呼气测试值高达314mg 100ml,是醉驾的标准的将近4倍,涉嫌醉驾。男子被查后极度不服从管理,跟交警耍起了酒疯,辱骂交警,最后还拒绝在呼气测试结果上签字。   10月28日晚,济南历城交警在凤鸣路开展酒驾整治行动时,一辆红色轿车看见民警后突然停在路边,民警立即前去查看。打开车门,一阵酒气扑鼻而来。经初步检测,轿车驾驶人涉嫌喝酒。   “喝了多少酒啊?”   “你管我喝多少啊,反正我喝酒了。”民警刚开口询问,驾驶员王某就大着舌头顶了民警一句,并且十分坦然地对交警说“我喝酒了,没有驾驶证。”说着拿出了自己的钱包,一边在里面翻看,一边数落一旁的交警:你们这伙啊,太坏了。竟还从口袋里掏出打火机,在车里抽起了烟。经民警再三警告,男子仍不配合工作,民警将其强制带离现场。   随后,民警将王某带到警车进行酒精呼气检测,王某很不耐烦地吹了三次,测试值竟高达314mg 100ml,是醉驾标准的将近4倍,属于醉酒驾驶。一听自己醉驾了,王某又耍起了酒疯,说“交警没正事”。在签字确认呼气结果时,王某再次耍起了酒疯,选择了拒签。   目前,济南历城交警已经提取王某血液样本检测酒精含量,等检测结果出来后进一步对其处理。相关的主题文章:

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