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Pets It doesn’t have to seem like it is an impossible task when potty training puppies. The two P’s – patience and persistence is what it takes for it to work. You have to show your puppy that you are the boss from the start. By instinct, dogs travel in packs and have a pack leader. Put your foot down when it .es to housebreaking a puppy or your puppy will get the upper hand. You definitely don’t want this to happen. When your puppy is inside your house, what you want him to learn is how to "hold it", and when taken outside, to potty on the spot you have designated. Your puppy will eventually go potty because it makes you happy when you send clear and precise signals. Deciding who is going to help with housebreaking a puppy is the next thing that needs to happen. You will all need to understand the methods of potty training puppies and train in the exact same way. If you repeat the same steps and be consistent, your training will be a success. 8 to 12 weeks old is the perfect age to start potty training puppies. When housebreaking a puppy the next thing you will need to do is .e up with a schedule. A puppy will need to potty every hour or two and after playtime, after meals, after naps, before going to bed at night, and when he first wakes up. You will want to write down a schedule of your puppy’s trips made outside, playtime, and his feedings. Make sure you have how you are going to carry out your routine in place. Decide where your puppy will potty in your yard and which door you will be taking him out of. The next thing you will do is get a leash and collar and put them on your puppy. Letting your puppy run freely through the house is the biggest mistake most puppy owners make when potty training puppies. You never want to loose sight of your puppy. To keep your puppy in you sight you can put your puppy on a leash and hook it to your belt or belt loop. Put your puppy in his crate if you cannot watch him. Taking your puppy outside to go potty on a leash is the key to housebreaking a puppy. This will train your puppy to know that you are taking her outside to potty and not to play. It is very important that everyone involved must do the same thing or it will be confusing for your puppy. When you take your puppy to the spot you have picked out in your yard for her to eliminate, give a short verbal .mand like "go potty". When your puppy begins to eliminate, praise her to the skies, and keep doing it until she has finished. Use the same verbal .mand when housebreaking a puppy and it won’t be long she will understand what you want. You can also reward your puppy with a treat after she has eliminated on the right spot. It is very important to have a schedule of feeding times when housebreaking a puppy. A puppy will eat three to four times a day. Do not make the mistake that most puppy owners make by leaving food out all day. Have fresh water for your puppy all day except for two hours before bed time. Take your puppy’s food bowl up after she has finished eating and about 15 minutes later take her out the designated door to her potty spot on a leash. When it .es to potty training puppies make sure everyone always keep the same schedule and routine. Consistency will be the key to your success. This will be less confusing for your puppy. You will find that it is not that difficult when housebreaking a puppy if you follow these methods. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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