Apple 27 conference press conference only the new notebook with OLED lights fingerprint

The 27 day conference Apple forecast: the only new notebook with OLED lamp fingerprint last week, Apple has released a letter of invitation, announced on Friday October 27th a.m. (Beijing time) held a new conference in Kuby Tino. The theme of the conference is "Hello again (Hello, meet again)". MacBook Pro it is understood that the protagonist of the conference will be a new generation of Mac new computer, the upgrade is also the largest in four years. KGI securities analyst Guo Mingchi institutions often bring Apple hand news recently released a survey report in the latest issue, and to be held next week’s "Hello again" conference was predicted: only MacBook, the new iMac to the first half of next year released. He said that the conference of new products including the design of the new 13 inch and 15 inch MacBook Pro, the biggest change is to add a touch of OLED (replacing the original functional area) to provide Touch ID, fingerprint recognition, USB-C interface, and last year the new MacBook butterfly keyboard structure. New concept map configuration, the new MacBook Por will be equipped with Intel Skylake processor, screen resolution unchanged, but thanks to the oxide panel, showing higher quality and efficiency. In addition, the hard disk will add 2TB SSD optional. In addition, published together as well as the 13 inch MacBook (not called Air), equivalent to 12 inches MacBook upgraded version of the cash. 11 inch MacBook Air to be abandoned. As for the upgrade of the AMD with a single upgrade iMac and the new 5K display, Guo Mingchi said, to the first half of next year there will be. However, the apple may be announced in advance of the conference. Will be equipped with OLED lights相关的主题文章:

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