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Vacation-Rentals Well if you are pissed with your hectic life shedule and looking for a destination where you can take your family and spend some quality time while exploring several colours of nature then must visit Corbett national park, the first wildlife reserve in India. Beautifully located in the foothills of great Himalayas, it is not less than heaven for those who wish to spend their vacations in the lap of mother-nature. Its significance and splendour is just beyond the words and visual descriptions. This park was settled in the year 1936 as the Hailey National Park and later after independence it was changed to Ramganga but it again changed as Jim Corbett National Park in honour to the legendary hunter who later turned to conservationist. Every year tourist in great numbers visits this place and .e back to home with several cherishing holidaying experience. Apart from viewing several species of birds and animals, one can participate in several adventure activities such as thrilling elephant safari which gives you an opportunity to sit on the back of elephant and to explore the jungle and other exciting jeep safari. Corbett Jeep safari is undoubtedly an enthralling way of exploring its untouched floras and faunas. Be here with your family and friends and explore the wilderness of India which is still alive only in Jim Corbett National Park. Jeep safari in Corbett will certainly help you in exploring the beauty of animals and birds by taking you so near to them. If you are wildlife enthusiast and love to explore the wildlife, then jeep safari would be the best way to sense the wilderness. Hire jeep on rent and explore several species of birds and animals in their original habitat. If you are enough luck then you are able to watch several species at the time of jeep safari named as Sloth Beer, Jungle cat, Fishing cat, Leopard cat, crocodile, Rhesus Monkeys, Goat Antelopes and Langurs. If you are enough lucky then you will also able to see the king of jungle-tiger. Well jeep safari is the safest way for sightseeing in jungle and there is no need to get scared if you .e across a tiger. It also able you to have a close look at the wildlife without putting you any kind of danger. Its last but not least advantage is that it covers the maximize distance of the jungle within the stipulated time frame. Well if you have desire to explore some thing more and you are not in mood to leave any thing then must choose Corbett special tour. The special tour of Corbett has been designed in such manner which covers almost each and every thing right from elephant safari, jeep safari, to sightseeing. Along with its myriad attractions it is equally popular for its excellent transportation facilities and luxurious resorts. Among several resorts, Suman grand resort in Corbett is the most popular resorts offers almost all the luxuries to the visitors. So if you have decided to visit this exclusive national park then choose any tailor made holiday package and make your vacations a memorable experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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