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Careers-Employment Graduation is a turning point in ones career as the professional life of a person is guided by the career chosen after graduation. Though this choice depends a lot on the personal taste and choice of an individual, there are various career options to opt for after graduation. Career options after graduation are galore, right from the field of science and engineering to tourism and hospitality to fashion designing. After graduation, a general graduate (Arts/Sciences/.merce) can opt for any of the career options available to him. There is a plethora of government jobs open to graduates in Railways, Public sector Banks, Defense, Police and Civil administration. However, the private sector offers more lucrative options in terms of remuneration and other facilities in the face of liberalization and globalization. With so many choices available to a graduate, he / she might get confused while choosing the best option. Here are the options, which a student can consider after graduation:- Sales and Marketing Increasing consumerism has opened up a lot of opportunities in sales and marketing. Now, graduates can get a job in sales and marketing as executives in several .panies like food and beverage, manufacturing, IT or other service providers. Also, with the development of e-.merce telemarketing has also be.e a good option. In this field, earning is very lucrative and includes salary, allowance and also .missions. Management One of the most promising career options to choose after graduation is MBA. It opens avenues for better jobs with better salaries in the fields of finance, personnel management, sales-marketing and international business. To apply for MBA institutes, graduates have to qualify entrance test like CAT/XAT/MAT/FMS/IIFT/SNAP conducted by the concerned institutes. Salary of management graduates ranges from Rs 25,000 to Rs 1 lac per month or even more depending upon his/ her qualification and experiences. CS / CA / CFA / CWA Professional courses like CS/ CA/ CFA/CWA are also promising options to be mulled after graduation. These courses are offered by various institutes in India. After .pletion of these courses, one can work in public and private sectors bank, industries, MNCs, corporate houses, media houses and many more organizations. Such professionals are highly required in this .petitive economy thus their remuneration is very high. After some year of experience in this field, one can also be.e a consultant. MCA/Animation/Web Design IT revolution has, undoubtedly, opened up several job opportunities. In this field, one can work as .puter operator, programmer, software professional, animator and web designer. Courses in such areas are offered by various universities and private institutes all over India. One of key benefits of choosing a career in field is that besides joining any .pany, one can work also as independent service provider. Remuneration of such a professional generally varies between Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 per month. Mass .munication And Journalism / Advertising The revolution in media has brought along many job opportunities for graduates who opt for Mass. and Journalism. One can work as a correspondent, reporter, anchor, columnist and radio jockey in print / electronics / web media houses. Besdies that, advertising is a promising career option to graduates. There are many institutes and universities all over India that provide courses in Mass. / Journalism / Advertising. Besides there are also distance learning programmes. Earning in the media sector generally ranges from Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 per month. Hotel Management One of the most favoured career options in India is Hotel Management. A graduate in this field can do a Post Graduate or a Diploma course in hotel management offered by various public and private Hotel Management institutes. After taking up this qualification, they can join catering services of hotels, restaurants, airlines, shipping .panies, railways, clubs, offices and many more. The average pay package offered here is between Rs 15,000 to Rs 50,000 per months. Travel and Tourism Travel and tourism, a rapidly growing industry is offering many job opportunities to individuals. To enter this sector, all a graduate needs is a course in tourism management/development offered by several public and private institutes. After .pleting their graudation, a graduate can easily get a job in our and travel .panies, tour agencies, airlines and hotels. Besides that, he / she can also work as an independent tour guide or a travel agent in a travel agency. Remuneration here depends upon quality of services and customer satisfaction. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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