Development and Reform Commission to respond to the industrial policy is disguised economic planning

Development and Reform Commission to respond to industrial policy is the planned economy countries have disguised: National Development and Reform Commission on September 14, 2016 (Wednesday) morning 9:30, three floor conference room held a press conference with regular theme in the national development and Reform Commission, issued the macroeconomic situation and respond to hot issues, the relevant responsible person attended the press conference and answered questions from reporters. The following is the conference record: Phoenix TV reporter: on the industrial policy debate is especially hot recent speculation, some experts pointed out that the current industrial policy is actually a disguised form of planned economy, the government has a lot of blindness and lag in the development of industrial policy, and even that is not conducive to innovation, industrial policy can be said to be a gamble, the government should not make industrial policies for any industry, it will hinder the development of the market economy, the abolition of all forms of industrial policy is their voice. I do not know how to look at the development and Reform Commission views on industrial policy and how to evaluate? Thank you Zhao Chenxin: I think so, for any thing, the community will have a variety of different views and opinions, this is very normal, the industrial policy is no exception, now that you mention it, I said my view. First, from the current situation, various countries in different stages of development in the use of industrial policy, of course, according to the differences in economic development, national culture and social system, the world industrial policy may be the goal, the content, the measures will be different. However, we find that countries are indeed using industrial policy, through the industrial policy in different areas, different role. As one of the most realistic examples, since the international financial crisis, developed countries have attached great importance to the development of the real economy, such as the United States put forward the "advanced manufacturing partnership", and "national strategic plan for advanced manufacturing", some people say this is called "the return of manufacturing". For example, Japan has implemented a strategy of industrial regeneration, Germany has also issued a proposal on the implementation of the industrial 4 strategy, these are the specific embodiment of the use of industrial policies in different countries. Second, we look back, since China’s reform and opening up, China’s industrial policy has indeed played a crucial role in the development of china. After the reform and opening up, the Chinese government has introduced a number of measures related to the development of the industry, some of which are called planning, some called policy, some called the directory, there are some related incentives. These industrial policies have played an active role in stimulating economic development, promoting structural adjustment and regulating the relationship between supply and demand. Third, we also carefully assess the current industrial policy, China’s economic development has entered a new norm, our existing industrial policy does exist and don’t adapt to the new normal place, from the current implementation of industrial policy, there are some prominent problems urgently to be solved, we must adjust to these related by the policy need to adapt to the new normal. Fourth, in the current circumstances, it is necessary to co-ordinate the planning and development of industrial innovation and industrial policy transformation. We will seriously carry out the fall.相关的主题文章:

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