Farmville Tips And Tricks

Games Are you looking for tips and tricks in Farmville to help you build the ultimate farm? Well if you want to dominate Farmville and become the #1 farmer, here are 2 things that you can do: -Plan the good layout for your farm to maximize your earnings -Know when to plant your crops to have one big harvest Maximize Your Earnings By Creating A Good Layout For Your Farm By creating a good layout for your farm, you will be able to efficient use the space to plant more crops resulting in an increase in earnings. So if you have animals or trees, make sure you cram them all to one side of your farm. Try to place them together as close as possible to give more room for your money making crops. If you own a 20×20 farm, your best option is to plant peas. Peas take one full day to mature and offer 126 coins each. So if you plant all pea seeds on your 20×20 farm, you can make 70,400 coins in just 1 day"s time. Maximize Your Earnings By Planting Your Crops Around One Harvest Time To get the most of out of each harvest, it is efficient to plant all your crops so they will mature all at once. This will give you a lot of coins and XP at one time. Here are 2 ways that you can do this: -Plant all of the same crop on your farm, so that when they are ready to harvest, you will be able to harvest your whole farm at once -The better alternative that takes longer and requires more skill is to plant different crops that result in one huge harvest. For example, plant a seed that takes 2 days to mature on half of your farm and seeds that take 1 day to mature on the other half of your farm. When one day passes, harvest the crops that are ready and replant seeds that take 1 day to mature on the same half that you have just harvested. On the second day, everything will be ready to harvest resulting in a massive amount of coins and EXP But how do you know how to create the perfect layout for your farm and maximize your earnings with the biggest and best harvests? Create The Biggest Harvests And The Best Farm Layout With The Farmville Secrets Guide Knowing how to create the perfect layout and the biggest harvests to build the ultimate farm takes a lot thought and research. If you want an easier way to build the best layout and have the biggest harvests without spending time on research, it is highly recommended to use the Farmville Secrets Guide. This guide is created from all the secrets that the top farmers use to build the ultimate farms quickly and easily. Farmville Secrets with show you exactly how to optimize your farm for maximum earnings through step-by-step instructions with detailed screen shots. Why don"t you take a look at this guide? Visit: Farmville Secrets To build the ultimate farm, it is best to know how to plan a good layout for your farm and know how to create one big harvest. To know how to maximize your earnings from all this requires a lot of thought and hard work. If you want to skip all the hard work and just quickly dominate Farmville and your friends with the ultimate farm it is highly recommended to use the Farmville Secrets Guide. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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