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Four good to promote the water conservancy industry is expected to only 5 stocks rose over 50% benefit space sina finance App long-term development mechanism: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance Jiepan election Niugu shares Lin tournament four to promote good water conservancy industry long-term development institutions are expected to benefit shares rose 5 over 50% space – reporter Wu Shan day before, in the twelfth session of the twenty-second meeting of the NPC Standing Committee, NPC Standing Committee Vice Chairman Ji Bingxuan made a check on the "People’s Republic of China water law" implementation of the report. The report suggested that in the city flood control, we must accelerate the construction of underground corridors and sponge city construction in rural areas, we must be determined to strengthen the construction of farmland water conservancy projects. To focus on speeding up the construction of a number of strategic drainage, water saving, major water conservancy projects, improve water supply security system, urban flood control and drainage system, water ecological protection system and agricultural irrigation system. This positive boost, yesterday, water conservancy construction, sewage treatment, underground pipe gallery, "sponge city" and other related concepts sector have adverse economic strength, science and financial environment, Huakong, Mongolian grass ecological strong limit, Yu saving (7.99%), Guozhen environmental protection (7.31%), Anhui (7.20%), water conservancy ring technology (7.12%), clean water (6.17%), CLP green (5.02%) and other stocks also rose more than 5%. Capital flows, yesterday, 46 benefit related stocks showed a net inflow of large single state, 25 stocks of large single net inflows over 10 million yuan, the Department of financial environment, Huakong Seg, Anhui water conservancy large single capital inflows exceeding 100 million yuan, respectively, 139 million 749 thousand and 800 yuan, 121 million 533 thousand and 300 yuan, 107 million 113 thousand and 500 yuan, million Banda (98 million 955 thousand and 500 yuan), the first shares (83 million 220 thousand and 800 yuan), the tunnel shares (65 million 784 thousand and 300 yuan), Xing Rong environment (61 million 968 thousand and 100 yuan), Mongolian grass Ecology (52 million 170 thousand and 300 yuan) and other stocks are large net inflow of funds over 50 million yuan, a total of 8 stocks of large single net inflows amounted to 730 million 495 thousand and 500 yuan. In fact, since 2010, GDP growth in fixed asset investment growth slowed, infrastructure has become the mainstay of steady growth, investment in water conservancy infrastructure is an important part of, and has important significance for the long-term and stable development of China’s economy, investment in water conservancy construction in China continue to overweight. In addition, PPP mode is gradually applied to water conservancy construction industry, it is of positive significance for solving the problem existing in the construction of water conservancy capital intensive, long period of payment, unclear responsibilities etc.. "13th Five-Year" plan of water conservancy construction on the core position, stimulating the development of the water conservancy construction from the demand side. Insiders pointed out that the steady growth of investment, overweight, PPP model, "13th Five-Year four" plan to promote good water conservancy industry long-term development. It is worth mentioning that, according to the "Securities Daily" reporter flush iFinD statistics show that the benefit stocks concern was heating up, last month, a total of 39 stocks have been favored institutions, to "buy", on相关的主题文章:

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