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France allows students in the campus smoking to prevent terrorist attack targets – generation science news in 2015 after the Sohu suffered two terrorist attacks, the campus seems to be the French government’s anti-terrorism front "is one of the important. According to BBC news, in order to prevent the students become the target of terrorist attacks, many schools in France recently banned smoking prohibition in the campus, to allow students to smoke in the campus, they go out in the streets to prevent smoking terrorists may be locked. According to statistics, about 1/3 of French teenagers have the habit of smoking. A large number of students gathered in the streets pose a great risk, which is much more risky than the tobacco itself." Richard Miguel, Deputy Secretary General of the Michel, SNPDEN, said. In fact, a few days after the terrorist attacks in Paris last November, several French school administrators had called for the implementation of the measure, but the Ministry of health rejected the claim that the current state of emergency in France would not affect the tobacco regulations. Recently, SNPDEN once again wrote a letter, hoping to allow students to smoke in the campus. Although the Ordinance has not yet been officially approved, many schools have begun to implement it. Miguel said, "this measure" in this particular environment, in order to prevent the greatest risk, it is necessary". In addition, the French schools are also through the creation of a concerned citizen and moral courses, encourage students to express their true thoughts, which is conducive to the teacher to be able to advance found the extreme tendency of the students. According to the Huffington post, after the terrorist attacks of Charlie weekly last January, the French government asked schools to hold a silent ceremony. Most of the students expressed their support for the decision, and hundreds of students openly opposed it. The French Minister of the Ministry of education that the Astra? Sam (Najat Vallaud-Belkacem) Bacon said, many students think, "Charlie" magazine for depicting the prophet Mohammed indeed make them feel offended. Some students claim that the victims of the attacks is to blame, this attack is because they profane by justice of revenge. In this regard, bacon Sam believes that in view of the students in the face of such extreme vulnerability of propaganda, teachers and students should be on these issues in the open discussion is more safe and inclusive environment. Since the fall of 2015, French universities have opened a new compulsory course, which focuses on civic and moral issues. Teachers will encourage and respect students’ views on recent events in the classroom. In addition, teachers are also asked to pay special attention to students who may be prone to extreme tendencies and "linger on the edge of danger". It has been reported that France has been under the "emergency" since the terrorist attacks at the end of last year, without any slack. Last month, French Prime Minister Waals (Ma).

法国允许学生在校园里吸烟 为防学生成恐袭目标-搜狐新闻  在2015年连遭两次恐怖袭击之后,校园似乎正在成为法国政府重要的“反恐阵地”之一。   据BBC新闻报道,为了防止学生成为恐怖分子的袭击目标,法国许多学校近日取缔了在校园内禁止吸烟的规定,开始允许学生在校园内吸烟,以防止他们外出上街吸烟而被可能的恐怖分子锁定。   据有关数据统计,在法国的青少年中,有大约三分之一都有抽烟的习惯。   “学生大量聚集在街头造成了一个很大的风险,这种风险可比烟草本身带来的风险大得多。”法国国民教育部领导人员工会(SNPDEN)副秘书长理查德?米盖尔(Richard Michel)表示。   事实上,在去年11月巴黎恐怖袭击发生几天后,法国数家学校的管理者就曾呼吁实施这一措施,但遭到了卫生部的否决,称法国目前实施的“紧急状态”并不会影响烟草条例。   近日,SNPDEN再度“上书”,希望能允许学生在校园内吸烟。尽管此条例还未经过官方的正式通过,许多学校已经开始实施了。   米盖尔称,这一措施“在这个特定的环境下,为了防止最大的风险,是很有必要的”。   除此之外,法国各所学校也正在通过开设有关公民和道德等必修课程,鼓励学生发表真实想法,此举有利于老师能够提前发现存在极端倾向的学生。   据《赫芬顿邮报》报道,在去年1月发生“查理周刊”恐怖袭击事件后,法国政府曾要求各学校举行默哀仪式。其中,大多数学生均对这一决定表示拥护,也有数百名学生公开进行反对。   法国教育部部长那雅特?贝肯塞姆(Najat Vallaud-Belkacem)表示,许多学生认为,《查理周刊》对于伊斯兰教先知默罕默德的描绘的确让他们觉得受到了冒犯。还有部分学生声称,袭击的受害者是“咎由自取”,这场袭击也是因为他们亵渎神明而遭到了公正的报复。   对此,贝肯塞姆认为,鉴于学生在面对此类极端宣传上的脆弱性,教师和学生应该就这些问题在更为安全和包容的环境里展开坦诚的讨论。   在2015年秋季入学以来,法国各大学校均开设了一门新的必修课程,内容围绕公民和道德问题展开,授课教师会在课堂上鼓励和尊重学生就近期的时事发表的看法。   此外,教师还被要求特别注意那些可能出现极端倾向,“在危险边缘徘徊”的学生。   据报道,自去年年底的恐怖袭击以来,法国就一直处在“紧急状态”之下,没有任何松懈。   上月,法国总理瓦尔斯(Manuel Valls)公开表示,法国的这种全国紧急状态“只要有必要,就要一直保持下去”。目前,这种紧急状态可以允许法国当局在没有搜查令的情况下,就实施突袭或者对目标进行住宅监禁。相关的主题文章:

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